CAA co-Signs Letter to Audible re Author Royalties

Canadian Authors has joined with the Authors Guild many other author organizations internationally in signing a letter to Audible expressing our grave concern over its exchange policy, and to ask that it immediately end its attempt to expand its Premium Plus subscriber program at the expense of authors’ incomes.

Our demands to Audible include that it:

  • Immediately cease the practice of deducting royalties from authors accounts Read more

WIBA 2020 Winners Announced!

The Whistler Writing Society, Canadian Authors Association and Vivalogue Publishing are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 WIBAs. The two authors were revealed at the Literary Cabaret at this year’s Virtual Whistler Writers Festival. See the fiction and non-fiction winners here.

Denounce and Act Against Racism

Canadian Authors Association (CAA) condemns the crimes and injustices committed against Black, Indigenous and other people of colour—all of which have their source in systemic racism. Writers have honed language skills that can be used to rally our communities to act. Those of us who are not BIPOC can listen to, learn from and support those who are; all of us can advocate for change; we can extend hope and stand with those calling for justice; we can solicit, gather and disseminate stories rooted in BIPOC experience; we can engage in difficult discussions about racism; and we can act with compassion and courage. We can help educate. As writers we can be a force for good.. . . Read more


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