Available to anyone with a computer and high-speed access to the internet, our professional development webinars address relevant and timely topics on the craft and the business of writing. These webinars are free to members, while affiliates (members of affiliated partners) get a 50% discount off the non-member rate. (Read more)


Literary Awards Program

Open to all Canadian writers, the Canadian Authors Literary Awards honour published books that achieve excellence without sacrificing popular appeal. New! The Canadian Authors Fred Kerner Book Award is an annual award exclusively for CAA members. (Read more)


Roving Writers Touring Program

Members who are already scheduled for book tours or other professional engagements have opportunities through this program to take on additional speaking engagements and book signings at local branches and other affiliate partner locations in nearby areas. For additional information, please contact apurcell(at)canadianauthors.org.


Social Media Expert in Residence

This unique program will help CAA members improve their social media skills and find new ways to engage fans and readers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. (Read more)