When you sign up to join the Canadian Authors Association, you’re asked to select which branch you’d like to be affiliated with. You can also opt to be a member at large with no branch affiliation.


How does being a member at large affect my membership?

Members at large have the same benefits as members who are affiliated with specific branches.

If you are affiliated with a branch, the branch’s executive are advised so they can add you to their contact list and you will be informed, along with other members, about upcoming branch events and activities via email. A portion of your membership fee is earmarked for the branch to help cover their program expenses.

As a member at large, you are still able to attend meetings at any branch across Canada at no cost, and register for workshops at the member’s rate. You can also ask to be included on a specific branch’s electronic message list even if you are not affiliated.


Can I opt for being a member at large even if there is a branch nearby?

Absolutely! Some members want the membership without the bonus of local events, and others simply don’t have a branch close enough to travel to. About 15% of our members fall under the members at large category.


Can I change my mind about the member at large designation?

No problem! Just let us know via an email message what branch you’d like to be affiliated with and we’ll make the change in our database. We’ll also advise the branch that you have affiliated with them, and they’ll take it from there.