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Guidelines for Member News

    1. Limit your text to a maximum of 60 words unless you’re covering multiple books or events, in which case the maximum is 120 words. If your news is an event or reading, remember to include the city and province.
    2. Follow a similar format to the samples below, including the use of the third person. When feasible, include links to your site, your book, or your event, so that readers can get more information if they wish.
    3. Check for typos and spelling/punctuation errors.
    4. Email your posting to info@canadianauthors.org, with Member News in the subject line of your message.


Catherine Graham’s seventh poetry collection, Æther: An Out-of-Body Lyric (Wolsak & Wynn/Buckrider Books), is shortlisted for the Toronto Book Awards.

Kamal Parmar, a Nanaimo-based poet, has been appointed Poet Laureate of the City of Nanaimo for a two-year term (2021–2023). She is looking forward to creating awareness of the importance of poetry among the community.

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Guidelines for CAA Event Calendar

  1. All event listings must be in some way related to the craft or business of writing.
  2. All event titles for CAA branch events should start with “Canadian Authors-[branch]”.
  3. All event listings must include a specific date, location, start time and end time. If the event is recurring on multiple days, please submit each day’s event separately to ensure your event gets the best possible exposure within the listing. If your event is a monthly event and the information doesn’t change, you can add it as a recurring event; for example, monthly writing circles that occur at the same day, time and location every month can be listed as a recurring event, while monthly meetings with different themes and/or guest speakers should be listed individually with content specific to each.
  4. Virtual event listings are eligible, but they must include information on what platform is being used for the event (e.g., Zoom, GoToWebinar, Facebook Live); do not include passwords in your listing.
  5. Images are optional; if including an image, it must be a .jpg, .png, or .gif file under 2 GB. We recommend using high-resolution, landscape-oriented photographs or images with people in them. If you have not included a photo along with your submission, it will be displayed without an image or, if we have the necessary time, we may choose to select stock images from our files that are suited to your event; please note that we reserve the right to modify the size of submitted images.


NOTE: Events will not be published on the event calendar if they are:

a) Programs, workshops, courses, etc. not related to writing and publishing
b) Commercial in nature and attempting to advertise, promote or sell products or services of one or more businesses
c) Political in nature
d) Events or listings that promote, exhibit, illustrate or manifest hate, discrimination, or obscene/pornographic/sexual content of any kind
e) Activities or programs that are not events (for example, a contest or competition is not eligible for the event calendar)


CAA staff reserve the right to modify, refuse to post or to remove any event from the calendar at any time, without prior notice or notification.


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To Modify or Remove a Listing

Changes and corrections to event listings can only be made by CAA staff. If the changes are significant, we suggest you submit another event listing and ask us to remove the original listing. To remove or modify details to an existing listing, please send the details to office@canadianauthors.org and we will update it for you.


Contact Brandi at office@canadianauthors.org or, if your question is urgent, Anita at 705-955-0716.