Monique Layton

Monique Layton’s (Metro Vancouver) book, Everyday Evil: Why Our World Is the Way It Is (Tidewater Press, 2019), was a finalist for the 2021 Montaigne Medal (Eric Hoffer Award) given to “the most thought-provoking books”. Everyday Evil: Why Our World Is the Way It Is was also named Reviewer’s Choice for May 2021 by the Bookwatch.

Dr. Ian Prattis

Dr. Ian Prattis (National Capital Region) has a new poetry book coming out in the spring of 2022 called Four Poetic Phases: Ignored, Impermanence, Bittersweet, Caring. Each poetic phase encourages different short stories – often colliding in fusion! In addition, Dr. Prattis has a book review from Reader’s Favorite for Past, Present, Future: Stories that…

Vera Constantineau

Vera Constantineau (Member at Large), Poet Laureate of Greater Sudbury, presented a reading as part of an ‘International Voices’ presentation via Zoom on Saturday, June 26, 2021, along with David Bingham from Ironbridge, Shropshire. Both poets are widely published and have a passion for Japanese forms of poetry.