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First Name Chand
Last Name Sirimanne
Member Since April 9, 2020
Email chres9@gmail.com
Phone 61 421339167
City Ryde
State NSW
Zipcode 2112
Country Australia
Branch Affiliation Metro Vancouver (includes Victoria)
Publications ‘Buddhism and women - the Dhamma has no gender’, 2016, Journal of International Women's Studies, 18 (1), 273-292. Available at: http://vc‘Chapter 2: The unique perspective on intention (cetanā), ethics, agency, and the self in Buddhism’ in (eds) B. Grant, J. Drew & HE Christensen, Applied Ethics in the Fractured State, Vol. 20, 2018, Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations, AUSTRALIA, Emerald Publishing ‘Symbols in Theravāda Buddhist Meditation (Bhāvanā)’, February 2015 (conference paper published at 4th International Conference Buddhism and Australia site www.buddhismandaustralia.com Raja Saha Ghathakaya – an exceptional novel, 3 June 2015 (review of Sinhala novel, The King and the Assassin), published at http://groundviews.org/2015/06/03/raja-saha-ghatakaya-an-exceptional-novel and www.ozlanka.com ‘The relevance and implications of the three core characteristics of existence, Impermanence, Unsatisfactoriness and Non-Self in Buddhist teachings for the 21st century multicultural Australia’, 6-7 February 2014 (conference paper presented at the 3rd International Conference Buddhism and Australia, University of Western Australia, Perth, AUSTRALIA, www.buddhismandaustralia.com Edited and designed Hema’s Favourite Sri Lankan Recipes, 2012, (paperback and Kindle), Sithaara Publications, BC, Canada The Dusty Tree, 2010 (illustrated by Jadranka Jovicic), children’s Kindle book. Sithaara Publications, BC, CANADA Kaspar the Friendly Dog, 2010 (illustrated by Sahara Novotny), children’s Kindle book. Sithaara Publications, BC, CANADA The Wait and Other Stories, 2007 Virtualbookworm, USA Implement and monitor OHS policies and procedures in workplaces (online training guide and workbook) 2007 LILT College, QLD, AUSTRALIA ‘A Day of Awakening’ (article) 22 May 2005 THE AGE, AUSTRALIA ‘Rebooting the Mind’ (article) June 2005 THE AGE, AUSTRALIA Learning in the Workplace – Option 11 (Work Education) – Workbook and Teacher Resource included, 2004 Software Publications, NSW, AUSTRALIA Evaluate E-business Opportunities, 2003 Software Publications, NSW, AUSTRALIA Promote Continuous Improvement, 2003 Software Publications, NSW, AUSTRALIA ‘Walking the Circular Path to Enlightenment’ (article) 3 May 2003 THE AGE, AUSTRALIA ‘Celebrating the Buddha through colour, prayer’ (article) June 2003 THE AGE, AUSTRALIA Manage a Small Team, 2002 Software Publications, NSW, AUSTRALIA Monitor and Manage Business Opportunities, 2002 Software Publications, NSW, AUSTRALIA Fifteen educational articles for Classroom Ready, 2001 providing lesson material to schools at http://www.classroomready.com, BC, CANADA Doowili Gaha (The Dusty Tree) 1997. A children’s book in Sinhalese. Nirmana International, CA, USA
Other Memberships The Australian Society of Authors Australian Association of Professional and Applied Ethics Inc. Australasian Association of Buddhist Studies
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