Kamal Parmar

Kamal Parmar (BC branch), Poet Laureate of Nanaimo, has recently published her fifth poetry book, Just passing by, in which she explores the innate connection that man has with Nature. These poems are gentle and reflect a longing to transcend the true meaning of life. Available at most local bookstores in Nanaimo.

Tonya Liburd

Tonya Liburd (Toronto) has been interviewed by the folks over at What’s In The Box podcast, https://telluswhatsinthebox.podbean.com/e/ep-36-soucouyants-guest-tonya-liburd/. “Settle in with your soucouyants, islands, and heat and listen as we unbox two short stories by Tonya Liburd (Mimosa Versus The Soucouyant and 10 Steps to a Whole New You).” Find these stories in American Monsters 2,…