Pearl E. Gregor, PhD, author, was born and raised in northern Alberta. She had a long and wonderful career in various fields of educator. Retired in 1999, she lives on her farm southeast of Edmonton with her cattle and one Australian Shepherd named Buddy. Widowed in 2000, Pearl has three children, one granddaughter and six grandsons. Pearl found the inner world of meditation and dreams in 1988 in her desperate attempts to stop the perpetual nightmares and voices and find her way out of the horrors of clinical depression. Now an author and story teller, Pearl has a deep passion to share her story of healing, meditation and dream work along the journey to the Divine Feminine. She is delighted to speak with anyone who might have ears to hear and the courage to deepen their soul, mind, body, spirit connection. Pearl believes a library card, deep courage and a good journal are the tools you need to access the wealth of resources available in your inner world!

Books By Pearl E. Gregor