I immigrated from India with my family at age four. These early years were filled with challenges trying to balance living in two cultures that were fundamentally opposed to each other. Tradition vs. Individuality. A two year global journey as a teenager not only bridged the cultural divide, it also gave me the most important education and experiences of my life. It changed me forever in a meaningful way. The next life changing experience came from reading Ishmael, a novel by Daniel Quinn in 1994. Once again I was changed, no longer the person I had been. It shook me to my core and propelled me into social and ecological activism. I never envisioned writing a non fiction, or any book for that matter. However the ecological crisis we face is so critical and time is of the greatest essence that I felt compelled to do something in the hopes that my words may change others to care enough to get more involved in the global threat we face. After all, words in a book caused me to become such a person. So why not try. This resulted in me publishing my first book Living While Human in September 2021.

Books By Arwinder Kaur