by R. J. Hore

Book Cover: The Queen's Game
Part of the The Queen's Pawn series:
ISBN: 978177155245

With the queen safely married and his family joining him, Harow’s life should be back to normal. Instead, his fate leads him down a different path. He is still at odds with the princess, and he has a beautiful and deadly neighbor who raises dragons in her spare time. Amongst duels, battles, and monsters, Harow is taxed with the assignment of assisting the princess in her campaign to choose a suitable suitor. When she is kidnapped and held by an evil magician, he leaps into action once again, leading a hunting party into the tower to rescue her. With the princess safe and his world finally at peace, can Harow find his happily ever after?

Publisher: Champagne Books

Harow was standing outside in the dark staring up at the river of stars and wondering if there was a way to hide among them when Annabelle appeared through the doorway.

“There you are.” She pointed at him and he backed against the cold stones of the hall. Her finger poked him hard, mid-belly. “We have been looking for you.” Her chin came halfway up his chest.

“You’ve found me.” He shivered, not necessarily from the cool night air. She was a strange one. “How is your mistress?”

“She will survive, no thanks to you.” The words fell out short and clipped.

His neck began to ache from having to look down at her. He wondered if she had cursed him. He could barely make out the grim line of her jaw and narrowed eyes in the dim light.

“Our princess has decided that when she returns to High Vale she will tell the duke she is prepared to entertain suitors for her hand in marriage.”



“Is that all you have to say? By the black beard of Saint Satore, you can be wooden-headed sometimes,” she hissed between clenched teeth. “Listen, you great lump, as soon as you can safely get away, ride to High Vale Castle. You have to save our sweet princess from herself, and there are other, darker matters, to consider.”


About the Author

Raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Ronald J. Hore spent forty-six years travelling the country with the financial services industry. He ended up in Winnipeg in 1980 where, with his long-time interest in writing, he joined Canadian Authors Association and was a member of the 1996 CAA 75th Conference Committee. In 2006 he won first place in a CAA national short story contest with a romantic ghost story, Midnight. In 2010 his short story Chrysalis was included in the anthology Evolve. He followed this up co-authoring Rotary Club of Winnipeg, 100 Years of Service. Since then, writing as R.J. Hore, he has had fifteen novels and ten novellas published. He continues to be active in Canadian Authors.