The Raven

by Lana Guzman

Book Cover: The Neighbourhood Gossip
ISBN: 978-1-990070-75-4

This is the first short story of a collection of gossips in a fictional neighbourhood without frontiers. People live there in a huge variety of dwellings, interact with each other in peculiar ways, and only know each other by AKAs. This story is about "The Raven" who made life impossible for her neighbours, and when everybody lost every hope to get their normal life back, the disturbance stopped as swiftly as it started.

Publisher: Noble Gray PRESS

The Raven was a middle-aged woman, who lived on the eighth floor of a twenty-storey building. Nobody knew her name, not her closest neighbours, not those on the other floors. She was a kindergarten teacher. As to where she worked, nobody knew either. She always kept to herself, both emotionally and physically. Her physique was as strange as everything else about her. She was always dressed in black, her hair was dyed black too. She always kept her head down, so nobody could see her face properly; her shoulders were always shrugged; she also had a hump. Her very appearance got her that nickname, The Raven.

About the Author

I hold a Master of Business Administration degree from HEC Montreal. I also hold a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. I hold a Specialist in Finance degree and a Bachelor degree in Economics from Russian Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow, Russia. I worked for multinationals and a start-up doing market research and business development. For the past 11 years, I have been doing applied business and academic research in a number of diverse fields. I write, co-write, ghost write full-length professional books, as well as short fiction. I translate from and to English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian. I can also work with texts in Portuguese and Afrikaans.