by Elaine Kozak

Book Cover: Rhapsody in a Minor Mode
ISBN: 978-0-2288-9101-7
ISBN: 978-0-2288-9100-0
ISBN: 978-0-2288-9102-4

After learning a shocking secret about his origins Niels Larsen, a young musician, abandons his studies, soul-mate, and family to embark on a solitary journey of reflection and healing. His journey takes him to Spain where he discovers flamenco and sets off on a new musical path. As he reconciles himself to his past, Niels learns about love, loss, and the true meaning of family, and discovers that sometimes life does give you a second chance.

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

“If Brad actually is your father, Niels,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca was the sister of the long-deceased man whom I had recently discovered to be my biological father. I had just told her how happy I was to finally meet his family.

“Pardon me?” I said.

She regarded me over the rim of her martini glass. Rebecca was, I judged, in her late-thirties, and making the most of her unremarkable features and chunky body with a well-cut black dress, flattering hairstyle, and skillfully applied makeup. She had returned home to Vancouver from Dubai, where she now lived, to spend the holidays with her parents, and I had come to their New Year’s Eve party to meet her.


“I would have insisted on a DNA test, but Mom said she saw a family resemblance and didn’t need one. Don’t see it myself.” Rebecca shrugged. “Okay, the hair, maybe, but is that enough? Mom was just so glad to think Brad left something behind that she took Leah at her word. I would have made you do the test.”

Reviews:Kirkus Reviews wrote:

“An engaging story with winning characters and an absorbing backdrop.”

Reader Views Book Reviews wrote:

“Rhapsody in a Minor Mode by Elaine Kozak is wildly affecting story about love and the process of becoming…brought to life with her beautiful prose and philosophical characters. This gem will fill your heart.”

About the Author

Elaine Kozak came to writing after fascinating careers in IT, international trade, and winegrowing. The last experience inspired Elaine’s first book, a vineyard mystery titled Root Causes, which she followed with The Lighthouse, a family-saga set in New Mexico. A question about one of the characters in The Lighthouse intrigued her and to answer it she wrote Rhapsody in a Minor Mode. Elaine lives in Victoria, Canada.