by Christopher Canniff

Book Cover: Abundance of the Infinite
ISBN: 978-1-927443-07-1
ISBN: 978-1-927443-07-1

Tormented by his wife’s apparent determination to abort their child, a psychologist travels to a small coastal fishing town in South America, where his recently deceased father lived. There, he discovers many unsettling truths about himself and his family which eventually transform his reality into a lucid, disparaging dream from which he may not be able to escape…

Publisher: Quattro Books
Reviews:Edward Brown, author of Playing Basra wrote:

"An expedition through the emotional terrain of a man on a quest, Abundance of the Infinite is a succinctly crafted gem of a story. Author Christopher Canniff's intuitive writing style masterfully blurs the line between dream and reality, torment and tenderness."

Royston Tester, author of Summat Else wrote:

"Canniff's novella, with its Borgesian-like surrealism, sharp, insightful analyses, and De Quincey atmosphere, is a brilliant, unforgettable exploration of guilt in the service of love."

About the Author

Christopher Canniff is the author of Intervals of Hope (Blue Denim Press, coming November 2021), Poor Man’s Galapagos (Blue Denim Press, 2015) and Abundance of the Infinite (Quattro Books, 2012). He mentored under David Adams Richards and MG Vassanji at the Humber School for Writers. His short stories have appeared in Descant Magazine, and Tightrope Books. He was a finalist in the Matrix Magazine (Montreal) 2010 Litpop Awards for Fiction. He won the LWOT Magazine (Montreal) 2007 “3-Hour Novel Contest.” He wrote two radio scripts for Falcon Picture Group in Chicago, Illinois, USA, for a nationally-syndicated radio program. He is a Past President of the Canadian Authors Association Toronto Branch. He trusts in the Word of God as truth.