Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually

by D. Neil Elliott

Book Cover: A Higher Road
ISBN: 978-1777717254
ISBN: 978-1777717254
ISBN: 978-1777717254
ISBN: 978-1777717254

A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually reveals hidden secrets and shares truths that will guide you through the process of achieving the best possible outcomes for your life. By completing all Seven Steps as outlined, you will gain knowledge and experience that will enable you—with effort, determination, and dedication—to transform your life. If you’re ready to change and become the best version of yourself, this book is for you.


I vaguely remember having seen flashing lights and hearing voices through the tent walls in the early hours that Sunday morning. I woke later to an empty tent, unzipped myself from the sleeping bag, and ventured into the house. Two of my sisters were downstairs, crying. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Go upstairs and ask Mom,” they said.

Mom was sitting on the lid of the laundry hamper in the hall entrance, sobbing. “What’s wrong, Mom?” I asked. “Your Dad died,” she replied. Having just turned five, I did not really comprehend what that meant. I remember thinking, “Great, he won’t spank me anymore,” and was happy about that. Dad had large hands and when he spanked me, it hurt. (Later in life, I found out that he had only spanked me once or twice, one swat each time—but my five-year-old brain had somehow connected a recent swat with relief that I wouldn’t experience that again.)


About a week after Dad’s death, I asked Mom, “When will Dad be coming home?”

“He won’t ever be coming home,” she said.

That’s when Dad’s death finally sunk in. I was truly sad...for as long as a five-year-old stays sad...not that long.

Reviews:Dr. Michael Ireland wrote:

“D. Neil Elliott’s book, A Higher Road – Cleanse Your Consciousness, Transcend the Ego, and Ascend Spiritually, is a treasure. It’s the perfect hybrid of inspirational memoir and empowering self-help book.
The first chapters take you on a journey through Neil’s early life—growing up in a home that brought all manner of trials to a fatherless boy. His challenges will resonate with any reader who has experienced childhood trauma or dealt with phobias, fears, or anxiety. Ultimately, life’s relentless tribulations drove Neil to conclude that suicide was only the way out.
Deeply depressed and on the brink of self-annihilation, Neil discovered a document online that changed his life. By following its age-old insight, knowledge, and truths, he not only survived, but thrived. The latter chapters of A Higher Road guide you to that life-affirming wisdom, teaching a seven-step process to help you find peace, joy, love, and abundance. A must-read!”

Karen Farmer wrote:

"D. Neil Elliott shares the progression of how thoughts unlock the good and the bad that occurs in each person's life.
There is a wealth of information contained in the writing affording readers an opportunity to experience "A Higher Road" if they are willing to do the work. This step-by-step process only requires an open mind and willing heart no matter what religious affiliation one adheres to.
As a Christ-centered woman, the reading was easy to digest, and I highly recommend this book to others searching for spiritual fulfillment and the true meaning. If there is a desire to change or transform your mindset, starting with D. Neil Elliott's book is a great place to begin!"

About the Author

D. Neil Elliott lives in a peaceful historic village on the West Coast of British Columbia with his wife and a house full of art, books, and plants. He names all his plants—his favorite is a tall and lean Yucca called Rogelio. Neil has three children and five grandchildren, all of whom, of course, are brilliant. He loves ALL wildlife, and domestic pets too. In his twenties, he raised a variety of parrots and Labrador dogs. Neil has a passion for motorcycling and loves to travel, particularly in Europe, to visit museums, churches, and art galleries. He likes to visit cities and enjoy all they have to offer, but prefers a peaceful country life close to water, forests, and plenty of wildlife.