Media Release – March 2016

Canadian Authors Pleased with Federal Budget’s Increased Support

March 30, 2016—Canadian Authors Association is highly encouraged by the new Canadian government’s direction in committing to a substantial budget increase in support of the cultural and arts communities.

CAA, which has represented Canadian writers at every stage of their careers for 95 years, is well aware that literary creators are unable to earn a living from the sale or licensing of their books, stories, articles, poetry, and other written creations. Following the 2012 Copyright Act amendments to create a “fair dealing exception” for educational purposes, writer incomes have dropped even more dramatically.

Therefore, the government’s commitment in the 2016 Federal Budget to raise Canada Council for the Arts funding over the next five years is a beacon of hope for literary creators, who may be able to access CCA grants and other programs permitting them to create works that enrich the cultural fabric of our nation. The government’s commitment to the Showcasing Canada’s Cultural Industries to the World initiative is another example of how this investment in the arts will enable creators to do their important work and help them build audiences around the world.

The government’s campaign promise to strengthen the arts and culture sector, a group of mostly self-employed and other small business entities who contribute richly to Canada’s economy, is reflected in its recent budget. CAA encourages the government to consider further strengthening our sector by revising the Copyright Act to address the negative impact the educational purposes exception to copyright protection has had on creators. CAA is ready and willing to advise and consult with the government and other stakeholders on this and any other initiatives to specifically support writers at every stage of their careers.


Writers Helping Writers since 1921

Canadian Authors Association was founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1921 to lobby for the protection of authors’ rights. Instrumental in the 1924 copyright legislation, the Association began pressing for a new Copyright Act in the 1980s.

Over the last ten decades, CAA has evolved to an organization that is focused on creating a flourishing community of writers across Canada by offering professional development opportunities, enhancing the public’s awareness of Canada’s wealth of literary talent, and promoting the fair and equitable treatment of writers.

We also continue to participate in the national organizations we helped create to ensure that Canadian writers retain rights to their intellectual property and are paid for the use of their works. These organizations include Access Copyright, the Canadian Copyright Institute, and the Public Lending Right Commission. We’re also proud members of the Book and Periodical Council and its Freedom of Expression Committee, the International Authors’ Forum and the Canadian Arts Coalition.


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