Vici Johnstone has worked in media and entertainment for over thirty-five years. She started her career as a sound technician and roadie for the local stagehand’s union in Vancouver. In 1984 she moved to Banff and then Calgary, working for local regional theatres. In 1989, she joined CBC and continued to work in sound production, but also wrote and produced two mini documentaries for CBC radio in Alberta.

After ten years in radio and television she went back to school, acquiring a diploma from the Applied Multimedia Training Centre. In 1999, she returned to BC and began working as a producer for Basis Applied Technology where she managed projects for The Learning Company, Disney Interactive and Mattel Interactive. In 2002, Harbour Publishing hired her to work first as their production manager and then as general manager.

Vici bought Caitlin Press in 2008 and is the publisher, editor, designer and chief bottle washer. She will be participating on a publisher panel and entertaining pitch sessions on Friday.