Canadian Authors Association National Chair Margaret Hume praised Shifting Paradigms, the report tabled yesterday by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage. The report affirms the importance of creators’ right to protection of, and remuneration for, their work. “It is extremely gratifying that the Report’s concluding words acknowledge ‘that the continued creation of Canadian content depends on adequate remuneration for those who create it’.”
CAA’s written submissions to the Standing Committee included recommendations on the following issues:
  • Extension of copyright term to 70 years, harmonizing with international norms
  • Ensuring that creators benefit from digital uses of their works
  • Clarification and limitation on the Act’s education fair dealing exemption
Each of these points was addressed in the Standing Committee’s report. “We urge the federal government to establish legislation as soon as possible to better protect creators’ rights for the benefit of artists and consumers across Canada,” says Hume.


The following specific recommendations respond to concerns stated in CAA’s written brief:   Read More…