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2017 Autumn Edition

2017 Autumn

Publishing A Book: Tips to help you publish by Kati Lyon-Villiger, Ph.D.

Poem: “Sunset (for Gwen)” 2017 NCWC Third Place by Gillian Foss

CAA Fall Programs

Cherish Your Writer Comrades: Mentoring by Barbara Kyle

Learning from Other Professions byBarbara Florio Graham

Poem: “A Small Grief”  2017 NCWC Honourable Mention byBev Chambers

Short Story: “Unexpected” 2017 NCWC Honourable Mention by Barbara Wackerle Baker


2017 Summer Edition

2017 Summer

  • Giving Voice: Crafting Meaningful Dialogue byBarbara Kyle
  • CAA-NCR 2017-18 Meeting Topics
  • Poem: “Gunda” 2017 NCWC First Place by Ruth Latta
  • Our 2017 NCWC Awards Ceremony, Winners list and photos
  • Short Story: “Extra Innings” 2017 NCWC Third Place by Jeff Shiau
  • Poem: “Relay”  2017 NCWC Honourable Mention by Lee Ann Smith
  • Winging It: Live on the Radio by Barbara Florio Graham
  • Masters Writing Workshop by Adrienne Stevenson
  • Short Story: “California Pure”  2017 NCWC Second Place by Elle Wild



2017 Spring Edition

2017 Spring Byline



  • Surrey International Writers’ Conference 2016 by Adrienne Stevenson
  • Poem: “To be born Naked under Stars” by <strong>Carol A. Stephen
  • Poem: “Green Shift” by Gillian Foss, 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention
  • “The Writer’s Journey” Report on our January meeting featuring Caroline Pignat by Christine Beelen
  • “The Writer’s Best Friend: Conflict” by Barbara Kyle
  • “Creating and Managing Your Own Website” by Barbara Florio Graham
  • “When Jesus Died in my Neighbhourhood” by Sharyn Heagle



2016 Winter edition



“It’s Never Too Late: Young at Art” by SONIA TILSON

  • Poem: “Christmas Baking,” 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention by  LEE ANN ECKHARDT SMITH
  • How to Find and Enter Contests by BARBARA FLORIO GRAHAM
  • Poem: “A Piece of Scotch Plaid,” 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention by GERRY MOONEY
  • “The Power of Story Structure: Writing the Page Turner” by BARBARA KYLE
  • Short Story: “They Never Called Her Cinderella” 2016 NCWC Second Place by TONY BOVE

Short Story: “The Inward Vision,” 2015 NCWC Honourable Mention by ZENON STRZELCZYK2016



2016 Autumn Edition


  • “Standing up to take a chair: On becoming chair of CAA-NCR” by ARLENE SMITH
  • Poem: “Who will feed the Flowers,” 2016 NCWC Third Place by HELEN GAMBLE
  • Canadian Writers Summit: Report on the first conference by ARLENE SMITH
  • Poem: “Preparing for Winter,” 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention by GERRY MOONEY
  • Our 2016-17 Program by DEBBIE ROSE
  • Characters: Your Story’s Life Blood: Writing the Page Turner by BARBARA KYLE
  • Short Story: “Leveller,” 2016 NCWC Third Place by ADRIENNE STEVENSON
  • Developing Creative Promotional Ideas: Tapping Your Inate Creativity by BARBARA FLORIO GRAHAM

2016 Summer Edition

Byline-August-2016Summer 2016 Byline

  • “Shades of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela” by ALAN C. FLEMING
  • Poem: “The Act of Discovery” 2015 NCWC Honourable Mention by GILL FOSS
  • Poem: “High School Reunion” 2016 NCWC Second Place by SYLVIA ADAM
  • Report on our May Meeting Expose Yourself: Ways to get attention for your book while remaining fully clothed by DAVID TURKO
  • 2016 NCWC Awards Night
  • Short Story: “What the Chipmunk Is Thinking” 2016 NCWC First Place by LYNN JATANIA
  • “Conquering Writing Challenges” by BARBARA FLORIO GRAHAM
  • Short Story: “Ben and Margot Forever” 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention by ADAM HEENAN

 2016 Spring Edition


  • “Encourage Creativity by Turning Work Into Play” by Barbara Florio Graham
  • “A Good Way to Start a Writing Career” by Gill Foss
  • Poetry — Early Spring Landscape — by Carol Stephen
  • 2015 NCWC Honourable Mention Short Story “Tara Marie Andronek” by Stephanie Loiza Read
  • “Taxes and the Writer” with Paul Downey and Angela Doyle of BDO Canada
  • “Scribng Sex – Romancing the Page” with Jasmine Aziz
  • “Is ‘Real Change’ coming to Canadian copyright?” with Dr. Michael Geist

2016 Winter edition

Byline – Vol33No2 Dec-Feb 2016 (1)

  • Iceland Writers Retreat (IWR) and The Blue Fox by L. D. Cross
  • 2015 NCWC Third Place Poetry:“Winter Blues” by Joan McKay
  • 2015 NCWC First Place Short Story “Ned and Lill” by Anna C. Rumin
  • Winter Social On Sunday afternoon, December 6

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