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CAA–NCR produces a quarterly e-magazine, Byline, edited by Sharyn Heagle.

Byline contains stories, articles of interest to writers, information about upcoming events and lots more. Regular features include a Poetry Corner, an Information Corner, and a Fiction Corner. Ads directly related to a member’s writing are free. 

Current Issue:

2018 Autumn Byline


How CAA Helped an Idea Grow, by Arlene Smith

“Child of the Fifties,” Poetry by Marianne Jones

Our 2018-19 Meetings

Report on the Canadian Writers Summit

Protect Your Data, by Barbara Florio Graham

“”Ode to Invisible Sounds,” by Gill Foss

Report from the CAA National Chair

Rules of the Road, Short Story by Adrienne Stevenson

The Reservoir Man, Short Story by Anne-Marie Beattie


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We look for writing-related articles that include information about the process, profession or business of writing, or insights into the writer’s world.

Byline pays 2½ cents per word to a maximum of $25.00 on publication (minimum,$10.00); poetry $10.00 each; photos $5.00 each.


English with Canadian spelling. In MS Word or OpenOffice as an attachment. Photos in jpeg, largest available resolution.

Font: Times New Roman 12 point, single space. No formatting, no indents.

Length: Preferably between 600–1200 words.


Fall Issue: August 15
Winter Issue: November 15
Spring Issue: March 15
Summer Issue: May 15
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Advertising Rates

Byline provides a great opportunity to reach Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec writers and readers.

Ads directly related to a member’s writing are free. Advertisements about a member’s business, workshop, or other talents for sale are considered advertisement and the following rates apply:

Member Rates

Single issue: 1/8 Byline page: N/C
1/4 Byline page: $15
1/2 Byline page: $30
One year – (4 issues – price of three)
Quarterly 1/8 Byline page: N/C
1/4 Byline page: $45
1/2 Byline page: $90

Non-Member Rates

Single issue: 1/8 Byline page: $15
1/4 Byline page: $30
1/2 Byline page: $50
One year: (4 issues – price of three)
Quarterly 1/8 Byline page: $45
1/4 Byline page: $90
1/2 Byline page: $150
Note: Yearly prices reflect the cost of three
issues; the fourth publication is free

For more information, contact Sharyn Heagle.


One Response to Byline magazine

CAA Fred Kerner Book Award

Ahmad Danny Ramadan
Ahmad Danny Ramadan is a Syrian-Canadian author, public speaker, storyteller and an LGBTQ-refugee activist. His debut novel, The Clothesline Swing, won Independent Publisher Book Award for Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans Fiction, was named among the Best Books of 2017 by the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star. It was longlisted for Canada Reads 2018 and shortlisted for the Evergreen Award 2018.

About the Award
The Fred Kerner Book Award is awarded annually to a Canadian Authors member who has the best overall book published in the previous calendar year.
Fred Kerner was a devoted and longtime CAA member. An Honorary President of the association until his passing in 2011 at 90, Fred was an author, journalist, editor, teacher, and mentor. He wrote more than twelve books and also wrote for magazines, radio and TV, and he gave unstintingly of his time to assist emerging writers.