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Whether you are a published author or an emerging writer, you can find professional development, encouragement, and connections with other writers here.

We are a national organization with a local presence.

Open mic night at the CanWrite! conference

The Canadian Authors Association (NCR) develops writers and encourages works of literary and artistic merit. We provide

  • webinars, communiques and the CanWrite! conference
  • programs to promote fair and equitable treatment of writers
  • partnership with other relevant organizations
  • public awareness of Canada’s writing and publishing environment

Agents panel at the CanWrite! conference

Our local branch in the National Capital Region offers

  • book promotion
  • monthly meetings with writing-related guest speakers
  • writing circles to develop your project
  • workshops
  • access to the national resources

Telling the story

A Proud History

* CAA was founded to lobby for the protection of authors’ rights and was instrumental in the 1924 copyright legislation.
* Stephen Leacock was one of those founding members.
* CAA founded the Governor General’s Literary Awards.
* CAA originated the first standard book contract to protect authors’ rights in negotiations with publishers.
* CAA participates in the national organizations that ensure Canadian writers retain rights to their intellectual property and are paid for the use of their works. These organizations include Access Copyright, the Book and Periodical Council, the Canadian Copyright Institute, and the Public Lending Right Commission.
* CAA helped create The Canadian Writers’ Foundation to provide financial assistance to indigent authors and their families.

Canadian Authors Association is a not-for-profit association with charitable status. [A National Arts Service Organization,Charitable Business Number 10684 3055 RR0001]

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When you’ve had a look around, why not join us?


We welcome any volunteer time you have to offer during your membership. Fifteen minutes a month can make a HUGE difference for us! Find out more about volunteer opportunities here.

Health & Dental Benefits for Writers

One of the many benefits of membership includes access to the Writers’ Coalition Health & Dental program.


The Ottawa River view inspires art, stories and poetry.

February Meeting

Microsoft Word for Writers, with Matthew Bin

Are you making the most of your writing software? Matthew Bin will share Microsoft Word tips and tricks to simplify and streamline your writing experience. When your work is formatted and organized, it’s easier to keep those ideas flowing.

Contact: NCRadmin@canadianauthors.org


20/20 Vision Anthology

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