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First Name Jeffrey Kippel
Last Name Mindy Blackstien
Member Since July 7, 2023
Email jeffreykippel@gmail.com
City Toronto
State ON
Country Canada
Company FAME Media Group
Pen Name Jeffrey Neil Kippel & Mindy Heather Blackstien
Branch Affiliation Toronto
Website www.ridiculousnovels.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/jeffreykippel/status/1581069455739981824?s=61&t=N75Tv3XY7U2a6weWbmD8rg
Instagram https://instagram.com/theridiculousnovels?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheRidiculousSeries
Bio Jeffrey Neil Kippel and Mindy Heather Blackstien, the formidable duo behind Amazon's number one bestselling series, 'The Ridiculous,' are not only successful authors, but also fervent advocates of self-love and wellness. Drawing on their years of experience in the health and wellness industry, they have imbued their sci-fi comedy novels with enlightening insights into self-acceptance and positive manifestation. The result is a perfect blend of humor, self-help and science fiction that has won over avid readers in categories as diverse as Comedy, Science Fiction and Humor in Self-Help. The husband-and-wife duo boasts an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Jeffrey and Mindy revolutionized the health and wellness industry by launching the natural bodybuilding and fitness modeling industry in Canada, which later spread worldwide. They founded world-renowned organizations, including FAME and the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO), inspiring a new approach to fitness for millions of coaches, athletes, therapists, models, and companies. Their love of community and creativity is also evident in their podcast, Tuning IN with Jeff and (sometimes) Mindy, where they host creators from a variety of industries, offering a mix of education, empowerment, and entertainment. Their academic experiences are equally rich, with Jeffrey launching Canada's first environmental magazine, Recover, during his undergraduate years, while Mindy served as Executive Editor for FAME International Lifestyle Magazine, contributing to numerous wellness publications. Their debut series, 'The Ridiculous,' captures this spirit of community, wellness and humor in a light science fiction setting. Today, as authors, Jeffrey and Mindy have combined their love of wellness, spirituality, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness with their talent for storytelling, offering a unique reading experience that leaves readers both entertained and enlightened, and the Ridiculous series is precisely a testament to their commitment to encouraging self-discovery, self-love, and personal development in a way that is fun, engaging, and different from traditional methods. As you lose yourself within the pages of Jeffrey and Mindy's stories, you will discover that the pursuit of health and wellness can be not only transformative, but also delightfully ridiculous!
Publications The Ridiculous: Book 1 In The Beginning The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand
Other Memberships THE RIDICULOUS: BACKGROUND Authors of The Ridiculous Series, Mindy & Jeffrey, each have had lifelong desires to make a difference in the world. When they met in the late ‘90, all the pieces started to sort themselves into place. Together they embarked on what became an illustrious career building an empire in the fitness and wellness space. With backgrounds in all things wellness — personal training, aerobics instructing, life guarding, performance nutrition, aromatherapy, massage therapy, Thai yoga massage, superfoods, and reflexology — Jeffrey & Mindy helped pioneer and launch the natural bodybuilding and fitness model industry in Canada and expanded that vision around the world. Doing so launched careers, brands, organizations, innovations, media outlets and tours of related events. It brought life to a new niche market, empowering superhero personalities, sculpted physiques, dedicated fans, talented new performers, community support, and lots of inspiration. As a husband-wife team, Jeffrey and Mindy created the World Natural Sports Organization, founded the FAME Agency, produced the FAME World Tour, co-produced a #1 hit television show for Canada’s Sports Network (TSN), published The International Lifestyle Magazine: FAME, had a website ranking in the top 1,000 in Canada, and spoke on global stages inspiring millions to take action to transform. Reflecting on their FAME success, they came to notice that looking like a superhero doesn’t always mean feeling like one. Becoming an artist to your physique, while commendable, does not mean you are happy, healthful, confident, nor a wellness expert. Individuals with powerful physiques, huge personalities and massive fan followings are not always fans of their own body. These realizations launched the bodyproud movement to help anyone "rethink their fitness" because Jeffrey & Mindy came to realize that being FIT goes beyond strength and appearance. It requires us to take action for our mental, emotional, social, spiritual and functional selves too! This led to Jeffrey and Mindy's commitment to revolutionize the unhealthy components of society, starting with the fitness industry. Their goal was to up-level the culture by providing pathways and platforms that offered something better. It was time to get self-loving wellness embraced by the athletic market. As a result people from all backgrounds, experience levels, age groups and ethnicities successfully transformed into naturally-trained bodybuilders, models, athletes. Many went on to become cover models, sponsored athletes, world champions, business owners, coaches, trainers, social media influencers and even celebrities. Soon the FAME world Tour became a destination event attracting fitness and wellness enthusiasts globally. Their bodyproud concept made its debut at their pinnacle production — FAME: Fitness And Model Expo — the largest fitness consumer show of its kind. ​The BodyPROUD Showcase option celebrated the fact that being FiT goes beyond the body. It is an inside job too. It requires you to be proud of the actions you take for yourself and give love to your body. However, while the "I AM BodyPROUD" mantra was widely accepted around the world, something was still missing. Without a guidebook, educator or mentor, people only thought they got what it meant, yet they didn’t truly grasp the magic at its core. In search of a solution to fill these voids and system correct, Jeffrey and Mindy were guided by a vision in 2008. Since then they were taken under the wing of experts in all areas of business, empowerment, nutrition, wellness, and mental / emotional / spiritual health and most importantly Self Love and Self Healing. After a decade of such research, they were invited to be ordained as metaphysical ministers, and came to understand the missing piece of the puzzle: self-love. Yes, self-love, a topic most people shy away from, feel uncomfortable with and want to believe they have it, even though deep down they know they didn‘t yet wish they did. This concept of self-love actually empowers self-health, happiness, confidence and fulfillment. And that is why self-love, personal development and self-discovery form the underlying theme within all their work. That’s right, Jeffrey & Mindy embedded over 25 years of experiential learning along with information, inspiration, innovations and insights from some of the greatest minds in wellness, spirituality, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness into all books of The Ridiculous Series and its Companion Community to “Unleash YOUR SuperHERO”.
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