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First Name Peter
Last Name King
Member Since March 24, 2023
City Ottawa
State ON
Zipcode K1N 5H8
Country Canada
Pen Name
Branch Affiliation National Capital Region
Bio Peter King was born in Scotland and grew up in Switzerland and England before coming to Canada to study civil engineering at McGill University. He obtained his MBA at Western University and his doctorate from the University of Phoenix. He spent his career as a naval officer, a public servant, a consultant to First Nations, and as a professor at the University of Hearst and at the Beijing University of Technology. He has competed and coached in fencing, rowing, and cross-country skiing. He was also an international umpire refereeing at the world rowing championships. He has been recognized by federal, provincial, and municipal governments in Canada and by the City of Beijing in China.
Publications Books For those in Peril on the Seas (2023) (Manuscript in hand) Gold Among the Trees (2023) (Manuscript submitted) The Dragon’s Threat (2022) Friesen Press Rowing. (1994) History; with Silken Laumann, Photography by Mike Cullen; Boston Mills Press; 1994. Art and a Century of Canadian Rowing. (1980) Amberley House and John Wiley. *** Academic Articles Definition of Trust as a Catalyst and the Implications Therefrom: A Deduction from a Literature Review. Journal of Management and Sustainability 11(2). 2021. The role of face in a Chinese Context of Trust and Trust Building. (With Zhang Wei). International journal for Cross Cultural Management, April 2018 Hic Sunt Dracones: restoring trust in cross-cultural leadership studies. The Association for Management Education and Development. Winter 2016 A Conceptual Model for Trust and Trust Building. (With Zhang Wei). Round Table paper, IACMR Conference Hangzhou, June 2016 Chinese and Western Leadership Models: A Literature Review (With Zhang Wei). Journal of Management Research 6 (2). April 2014 Problem Solving: A Test of Yin-Yang Thinking. (With Zhang Wei). Journal of Management and Sustainability, 4 (4), December 2014. A Theory of the Influence of Face on Interpersonal Trust building in China. (With Zhang Wei). Shanghai Conference, July 2011 An Examination of the Role of Lian (Face) in Mainland Chinese Business Practices University of Phoenix, 2010, Publication Number 3437009 DAI-A 72/01, Dissertation Abstracts International retrieved from http://pqdtopen.proquest.com/doc/816067194.html?FMT=ABS Introduction to International Trade Negotiations. (2009) Textbook with David Hallett and Song Gelan. Higher Education Publishing House, Beijing. Suitability of Incorporating Crown Corporations Under the CBCA. (March 1984), Discussion paper, Office of the Auditor General of Canada. Energy: Conversation or Conservation; paper presented to the Annual Conference of the Engineering Institute of Canada, Halifax, Oct. 1976. Energy and Transport, Transport Canada (journal for the Ministry of Transport), Ottawa, Canada, May/June 1975 Effectiveness of Government in Transport, (Nov. 1975). Canadian Transport Research Forum Panellist, Joint Session, Canadian and U.S. Transport Research Forum, Toronto, Canada, Royal York Hotel, Oil: The New International Lever, Viewpoint article, the Business Quarterly, Canada's Management Journal, Summer 1974. Association Development Manual, (1998). Canadian Amateur Rowing Association, Ontario Rowing Association and Fédération Internationale des Société d'aviron, Club Development Manual, (1990). Canadian Amateur Rowing Association, Ontario Rowing Association and Fédération Internationale des Société d'aviron,
Other Memberships Writer's Union of Canada Royal Canadian Military Institute. Toronto, Ontario Leander Club. Henley on Thames, UK In and Out Club. (Naval and Military) London, UK Laurier Club. Ottawa, Ontario
Awards University of Western Ontario Rowing Wall of Fame, 2012 Beijing Municipality Great Wall Friendship Award 2006 Canada 125 Medal, 1992 Ontario Bicentennial Medal, 1984 Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame 1981 Canadian Forces Decoration, 1972 and clasp, 1982.
Genres Academic, Autobiography, Drama, e-Book, Fiction, Freelance, Gay & Lesbian, Horror, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Nonfiction, Politics & Social Science, Young Adult
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