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First Name Ahmed
Last Name Sheikh Abdirashid
Member Since December 19, 2021
City Gloucester
State ON
Zipcode K1T 1W1
Country Canada
Company Fandhal Press
Branch Affiliation National Capital Region
Website https://www.fandhalpress.com/
Bio Author, Medical doctor, and Nutrionist. Was trained in Hungary and in the Netherlands. Retired in 2019, then established Fandhal Press after my retirement and authored the following books: - Canada's Beauty: The Land of Prosperities with Unlimited Opportunities (2020). - Somali Proverbs and Constructive Concepts: A Unique Way of Acquiring Wisdom, Knowledge, And Enlightenment (2020). - Translation of Somali Proverbs (2020). - Climbing the Ladder of Hope to Survive- Smiling is a Flower that Attracts Butterflies (2021). - Meet Me on the other side of the Riverbank: The Exceedingly Lucky Young Lady (2021). - My Journey to Overcome Challenges; Unlocking Gates of opportunities and Success (2021). - Gravir L' Echelle Del L'espoir Pour Survivre: Le Sourire Est Comme Une Fleur Qui Attire Les Papillons (French Edition 2021). - Wabiga Dhiniciisa Kale Iigu Kaalay: Gabadhi Aadka Uu Nasiibka Badnayd (Somali Edition 2021). - Published Articles about the Civil War in Somalia (1992 and 2000).
Genres Nonfiction
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