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First Name Hilary
Last Name Scharper
Member Since July 7, 2021
Email hilary.cunningham@utoronto.ca
Country Canada
Website hilaryscharper.com
Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21996368-perdita
Bio Hilary Scharper is a Canadian novelist. "Perdita" (Simon& Schuster) is the first in a series of five mysteriously-waterly novels—each unfolding along the shores of the Great Lakes. "Lonely Island" and "Gothic Ave." are the second and third novels in the series. Hilary's writing-with the Great Lakes embraces ecogothic themes. Her fiction is guided by a deep love for the natural world, especially its wildness. She is also a professor at the University of Toronto. For 2020-2021 she was writer in residence at the Canadian Ecology Centre in Mattawa, Ontario.
Publications “Perdita” was published by Simon&Schuster Canada 2013; La Court Echelle (French-language edition) 2014; Source Books USA 2015. Hilary has also published a collection of short stories exploring the “dressed body”: “Dream Dresses,” Seraphim Editions 2009.
Genres Freelance
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