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First Name David E.
Last Name Floody
Member Since September 2, 2020
Email defloody@telus.net
Phone 250-725-3691
City Tofino
State BC
Zipcode V0R 2Z0
Country Canada
Company Implosion Press
Pen Name David Floody
Branch Affiliation BC
Website www.davidfloody.com
Blog www.davidfloody.com
Twitter defloody
Facebook defloody@telus.net
Bio “My novels have at their core a theme of retributive justice. I design my conflicts to upset the balance of my fictional universes, and my characters to engage and refine themselves in the crucible of these conflicts. Succeed or fail, they are changed utterly.” David Floody - Implosion Press I live and write in Tofino, British Columbia, in the midst of breathtaking Clayoquot Sound, with the support of my wife, Eileen, my friends and fellow writers in The Clayoquot Writers Group and my cabaret group, Performance Anxiety.
Publications The Colour of Pride (2016) Y. A. Novel Fourteen-year-old Frank Phelan thought the violence was over. But when Ellie Fitzgerald, the only girl on an all-black baseball team from Detroit, is deliberately spiked in the face by the steel-shod shoe of a white player, Frank is right there. The chaos that follows stuns him. Frank is white. This is Canada. The 1967 Detroit race riot was last year, a mile away across the river from Frank’s home in Windsor. That isn’t the end of it. Frank and Ellie are avid fans of Detroit Tigers star, Al Kaline, and they are fated to meet again during a do-or-die game at the 1968 World Series. Here, they discover common bonds and join forces against a brutal racist foe. It could be the worst day of their lives, or the best . . . “He’s white. She’s black. Both must cross the divide of race and racism swirling around them. It helps that both are baseball fanatics. Step up to the plate for an exciting and winning read!” — Shirley Langer, author of Anita’s Revolution Kittenstein and Frankenfur - the gambling cats (2013) Novella Are Kittenstein and Frankenfur mini-monsters from kitten hell or Bruce Dalwhinney’s last hope of salvation? Doris looked at Bruce, and his eyes went wild. No! No! No! He could see it in the determined set of his beloved spouse’s mouth: It was already too late. The tiny tabbies had managed to snatch victory from the paws of defeat! “They’re brother and sister? That’s perfect!” Doris gushed. “We’ll take them both. They’ll be good company for each other.” But me? What about me? Am I nothing but a clockwork orange? Bruce wanted to shout it to the dizzying heights of heaven! But didn’t. He would be taking Kittenstein and Frankenfur home, filling their food bowls, rolling their litter, and if fate and the goddess Bastet were not finished cat-toying with him yet, inserting the digital thermometer into their rectums and waiting for the beep. “Even if you aren’t a Cat Person, you will join the ranks after reading this delightful fable. The self-deprecating narrator does battle with post-retirement depression, fending off the Black Dogs as best he can. But he can only yowl in dismay when Life and his loving, no-nonsense wife, toss his plans into disarray. This reminds us all that pride goeth before a catcall and that an open heart is worth more than all the treasures of Siam. Spoiler alert: it’s cats, not golf, to the rescue.” Caroline Woodward, author of Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny
Other Memberships David is a long-standing member of The Clayoquot Writers Group based in the small tourist community of Tofino BC, in the midst of breathtaking Clayoquot Sound. He is also belongs to the BC Federation of Writers and The Canadian Authors Association.
Genres Fiction, Freelance, Sports & Outdoor, Young Adult
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