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First Name Richard (Dick)
Last Name Bourgeois-Doyle
Member Since June 22, 2017
Pen Name Dick Bourgeois-Doyle
Branch Affiliation National Capital Region
Blog canushumorous.blogspot.com
Twitter @bourgeoisdoyle
Bio Dick Bourgeois-Doyle is a Canadian science administrator and author on the history of Canadian innovation and creativity. He served as Secretary General of the National Research Council of Canada (2014-2018). In this role, he acted as secretary to the NRC Council and as NRC's senior officer for values and ethics. Previously, he was NRC Director of Corporate Governance. Before joining NRC in 1987, Mr. Bourgeois-Doyle served as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Science and Technology and the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. He helped found and manage two public relations firms in Ottawa and a resource inventory company (Timberline) in British Columbia. Bourgeois-Doyle has a Master of Arts – Integrated Studies (Athabasca), a Certificate in Business Administration (Ottawa) and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (Guelph). A former broadcaster and journalist, he has written a number of books and contributed to many conferences, TV features, articles, and radio programs on the history of science and innovation in Canada.
Publications Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) Biographies – George J. Klein: The Great Inventor - and - Her Daughter the Engineer: The Life of Elsie Gregory MacGill ; Edited and co-wrote CSP’s Renaissance II: Canadian Creativity and Innovation in the New Millennium. Other works include the General Store Publishing story of Northern Ontario firefighting - Stubborn: Big Ed Caswell and the Line from the Valley to the Northland, and Burnstown Publishing House - What's So Funny? Lessons from Canada's Leacock Medal for Humour writing as well the satirical novel - The Most Integrated, Strategic and Aligned Servant of the Public Don Quincy de la Mangement, - and - Il Principio, a parody of Machivelli's The Prince (the first two installments in the Stubborn Books Capital City Trilogy).
Other Memberships Various national and international science ethics and education organizations, currently Canadian representative of International Council for Science Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in Science and Chair of Public Affairs and Communications Committee for Canadian Council for Animal Care.
Awards Three-time winner of the National Research Council Outstanding Achievement Award for Public Awareness in Science and other recognitions for the promotion of science and science education.
Contests CBC Literary Award - Great Canadian Postcard Contest 2011.
Genres Childrens Books, Erotica, Horror, Humour & Entertainment, Parenting, Politics & Social Science, Speculative
Available For Readings, Presentations, Workshops, Book Club Meetings, Speaking Engagements
Services Offered Book Reviews, Storytelling