Literary agents represent your work to publishers. They have established relationships with editors within publishing houses and can find the best fit for your work. They also look after negotiations with contract details and can provide representation if any part of your book is illegally reproduced.

Reputable agents will be up to date on current publishing trends and can give authors expert advice on market changes and shifting trends. An agent also serves as an expert in market sales, so they will help ensure your book gets a good cover design, and more attention from the publisher’s publicity department.

Agents track payments to see that the author is paid, and paid on schedule by the publisher. An agent is paid only when the writer is paid – so you can bet they will have accurate records of all payments. Having an agent look after this detail is a real advantage as it puts a distance between a writer and any conflict they might have regarding payments.

Many authors publish their work without agent representation, but of course the authors themselves would then be responsible for finding a publisher and securing a book deal.

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