The journey to peace after losing your child

by Jennifer Harris

Book Cover: Whisper Their Names
ISBN: 978-0-2288-8137-7
ISBN: 978-0-2288-8137-7

This book delves into the loss of a child, not just from death, but also from adoption, addiction, divorce and estrangement. The author shares her own personal and professional stories from thirty-five years of nursing. Many parents also share their stories. It discusses the hard emotions like anger and guilt but offers hope for living a meaningful life in addition to your grief. It gives a voice and a forum for parents to speak of their children and discusses meaning of life and looking for answers for their pain and grief.

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

When I was barely out of my teens, I found myself pregnant and unable to keep that child. The reasons are extensive and too painful to unburden here, but, at the end of the day, I gave up my daughter for adoption. In the days that followed, I realized that everyone around me expected me to pick up and move on and basically, forget her. And at least if not forget her, for heaven's sake , do not talk about her. I still think of her, I still love her, I never forgot her, and I will no longer be silenced by those who think she did not matter. Because she did, she does, and she always will.

About the Author

I am a recently retired nurse that spent thirty five years working in the maternal/child field as a lactation consultant. I have just wrote my first book, The No-B.S Guide to Breastfeeding: Advice for the new Mom from an Experienced Lactation Consultant. I am happily married and live with my husband and our dog Cin-a-bun. My hobbies include, reading, writing, gardening, antique collecting and classic cars. I am working on my second book which deals with the loss of a child. I want to write "books that matter".