Learning about the past, to understand the Present and create our Future

by Carlos Laya

Book Cover: Travels Through Time
ISBN: 9798853492554
ISBN: 9798853492554

Will humanity inevitably be destined to repeat cycles of devastation and reconstruction? Will we ever be able to truly become aware of the mistakes of the past and thus avoid repeating them? As a society, will we learn to live in true harmony, or will this idea remain a great utopia? These and other questions had been going around the mind of the young and brilliant Glem for some time. Therefore, when he fortuitously discovered a way to travel through time, he decided to seek out great and influential figures from the past. In this manner, while accompanying them throughout the course of their lives, he came to know and understand momentous events that explained certain conditions of the present. At the end of his remarkable journeys, full of anecdotes and interesting historical facts, the young man could discern those questions that motivated his travels.


After much preparation, the night of the ritual finally arrived. It was eleven past eleven on a chilly Thursday in February, and a brilliant full moon could be seen through the attic's clean windows.


He entered the pyramid completely naked after a 12-hour fast, sat in a meditation position on a small but supportive black cushion, and then used a transparent nylon thread to manipulate the pyramid's top so that it rested on the base's uniquely designed channels, which allowed light to enter from the outside. He then started chanting a sequence of mantras, which served as a timer for when to drink the infusion created from that tree bark from a glass container. As he immersed himself in the ritual, he noticed that he was gradually falling into a state of trance. After an ambiguous period passed, he realised that he had successfully forced his consciousness to leave his body. Suddenly, the vision of endless mirrors had changed into a maze of corridors and doors. He had to use his intuition to figure out the corridor and portal that would take him to his goal after his entity had gained access to these.

The youngster became progressively agitated because of his lack of expertise in that circumstance and the variety of possibilities that were presented to him. He suddenly recalled that the book had always advised that in such situations it was essential to placate ideas and give closer attention to feelings.


About the Author

Carlos Laya is a Venezuelan, electronic engineer, broadcaster, and passionate writer of short stories and novels. Furthermore, as an empirical historian, he is the author of the radio program "Universal Characters." He has a variety of articles published in business-oriented magazines, focusing on leadership, management and sales. Based in Canada, married, and with two children, he enjoys traveling the world, exploring new cultures, and cherishing unforgettable moments.