by Lana Guzman

Book Cover: The Unusual Lives: An Evil(doer)
ISBN: 978-1-990070-72-3
ISBN: 978-1-990070-73-0

Tony is born into a very well-to-do family. Unbeknownst to him and probably before he was even born, his life had been planned out for him. He unsuccessfully tries to deviate from the plan, only to find himself trapped in his own enormous ambition. He travels the world, lives the life of luxury, seduces and drinks, and seduces again. His behemoth ego, his relentless greed, and his passionate, yet all too basic, desires consume him but never make him truly happy. His last shot at happiness is short-lived, and the decades of abuse catch up to him. His dying wish is as selfish and greedy as his whole life.

Publisher: Noble Gray PRESS

Tony was the only son. His father felt that having a boy was a good enough thing for him as he had an heir. Also, he believed that having more than one child would deplete the resources of the family, which, according to him, were "not as infinite as one could think". Tony's mother felt that one successful pregnancy was more than sufficient as the pregnancy was rather difficult. That was probably the only thing that both of Tony's parents could agree upon. Nevertheless, Tony's mother loved her son dearly and spared no expense, both monetary and that in terms of her personal time and effort, to give her son anything and everything that he needed and desired. Tony's father tried to provide for the son as much as his mother, but only in monetary terms. At that point in time, his interest in his son's life was minimal.

About the Author

I hold a Master of Business Administration degree from HEC Montreal. I also hold a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. I hold a Specialist in Finance degree and a Bachelor degree in Economics from Russian Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow, Russia. I worked for multinationals and a start-up doing market research and business development. For the past 11 years, I have been doing applied business and academic research in a number of diverse fields. I write, co-write, ghost write full-length professional books, as well as short fiction. I translate from and to English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian. I can also work with texts in Portuguese and Afrikaans.