by Lana Guzman

Book Cover: The Unusual Lives: A Fool(er)
ISBN: 978-1-990070-66-2
ISBN: 978-1-990070-67-9

Freddy is born into a good family and a stable life. He grows up into a careless and selfish person, makes some poor decisions in his teens and leaves his family behind to face their fate. He drifts, steals and swindles for the next decade. He moves overseas and continues to swindle women and men, young and old. At some point, he gets a chance at living a normal life, but the decades of swindling and abuse catch up to him. In the end, he faces his inner demons in a standoff with his own consciousness.

Publisher: Noble Gray PRESS

As a small child, Freddy loved to spend time with his mother while she was sewing. She would caress his head every once in a while, while working. Once Jenny was done with her work for the day, she would head into the kitchen to cook, Freddy would follow. In the evening, when John was back from work, Freddy would sit by his father and listen to the many stories his father would share. The stories John would tell were the stories his clients would tell him at his garage, while he was working on their vehicles. A major highway was passing just about a killometre away from the town, so John would get to work on many vehicles of people who would be passing through the town. They were people from all walks of life and from all parts of the country. Freddy would hear stories about the faraway places, different cultures, young people's adventures, how they would move from place to place, never have any ties to any place in particular and just generally live a carefree life.


Freddy was amazed and was hoping that someday he too could live that carefree life of travel and adventure.


About the Author

I hold a Master of Business Administration degree from HEC Montreal. I also hold a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. I hold a Specialist in Finance degree and a Bachelor degree in Economics from Russian Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow, Russia. I worked for multinationals and a start-up doing market research and business development. For the past 11 years, I have been doing applied business and academic research in a number of diverse fields. I write, co-write, ghost write full-length professional books, as well as short fiction. I translate from and to English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian. I can also work with texts in Portuguese and Afrikaans.