A Driver's School Class

by Lana Guzman

Book Cover: The Road Anecdotes
ISBN: 978-1-990070-78-5

This is the first short story of a collection of fictional accounts about a transportation setting. This series is about human interactions, dangerous, humorous or bit of both, of people on the road. This story is about a young adult doing his driver's school class using a highly faulty means of transportation.

Publisher: Noble Gray PRESS

"Get in and fast! Hurry!!" The driving school instructor was almost yelling at the young man who was getting into the vehicle to do his first street driving class. He was hesitating because for some reason there were three adult men in the car apart from the instructor himself. As to what they were doing there he was not offered any explanation. "Go on, pull away from the curb! And hurry!!" The driving school instructor kept rushing the student without offering any explanation whatsoever as to what the rush was all about.

About the Author

I hold a Master of Business Administration degree from HEC Montreal. I also hold a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. I hold a Specialist in Finance degree and a Bachelor degree in Economics from Russian Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow, Russia. I worked for multinationals and a start-up doing market research and business development. For the past 11 years, I have been doing applied business and academic research in a number of diverse fields. I write, co-write, ghost write full-length professional books, as well as short fiction. I translate from and to English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian. I can also work with texts in Portuguese and Afrikaans.