Book 1

by Jeffrey Neil Kippel & Mindy Heather Blackstien

Book Cover: The Ridiculous
ISBN: 978-1-7380120-0-8
ISBN: 978-1-7380120-0-8
ISBN: 978-1-7380120-0-8

The Ridiculous is just that… RIDICULOUS. 

In fact, it is so "ridiculous", it’s almost a category of its own! Amazon already ranked it #1 in Comedy, Happiness, Self-Help & Psychology Humour.

Those who dare read The Ridiculous are taken on an adventure so ridiculous when two unsuspecting -- yet determined -- characters find their dreamt up dreams became their reality. Yep. It happened. One day they were living their life, wanting to start fresh...and then suddenly they were (albeit in new bodies, on new planets and in new situations). 

As a self empowerment fictional novel, readers are gifted opportunities for meaningful mindset shifts and ridiculous laugh-out-loud moments.

The Ridiculous, due to its style of humour, appeals to people of all ages... especially readers who lived through the 60s, 70s and 80s. These readers get to go back in time, experience nostalgic chuckles and relive the humour from classics like The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, The Jetsons and The Flintstones. Younger readers get inspired by the authors' imagination of pure ridiculousness.

Order your copy now and step into this side-splitting yet strangely heartwarming saga.


From the distant star of Placellner he traveled. Why? Who knows... But that’s not the point. At least not right now. And actually, it wasn’t a star. It was a planet... his. For three billion galactic years and nine point two mega seconds, his ship careened across the somewhat vast universe, turning left here and right there and looping around deltic spagnoids every so often. All in all, it was smoooooth trekking - well, besides the mishap near the Algernon sector, ahem, which we won’t get into right now.

His journey would have been a lot shorter had he not stopped in at Joe’s Galactic Bar. But who could blame him? With all the advertising that Joe had been doing lately, he wouldn’t be surprised if a Cornsharr actually did stop by. You know the slogan: “No party is complete without a Cornsharr. Why not stop in and try Joe’s Galactic Bar!"


What the hayhorff is a Cornsharr?, the space traveler thought as he came within a safe distance of the place. Anyway, he decided why not and stepped in for several sreefs and a shot of his favorite drink, the Rhinokicker. This strange and bizarre sort of alcoholic substance got its name during the Age of Bartenders. It is much like one of the Olden Age soft drinks called Briozza, which was banned under section 77.56 of the Living Rights Act supplement 999.887.172.31457-Q. Unlike Briozza though, it’s claimed that 3.289 seconds after tasting the Rhinokicker, one would kick back their legs in a sort of dance and charge something, sometimes even a brick wall, scream-singing “rhino, rhino, rhino!” Apparently, the drink was smokin’ ! The Rhinokicker has no such effect on Serbinand, although he has claimed to have hallucinated packs of rhinos kicking out dance moves around his head. It was quite the delight, actually.

Reviews:Michael Evan, SciFi Literary Publicist & Podcast Host wrote:

“An excellent, bizarre, intelligent and hilarious piece of work.”

Joel Mandelbaum, #I Best Selling Author wrote:

"It's adventurous, fun, surprising and I couldn't put it down!"

About the Author

Jeffrey Neil Kippel and Mindy Heather Blackstien, the formidable duo behind Amazon's number one bestselling series, 'The Ridiculous,' are not only successful authors, but also fervent advocates of self-love and wellness. Drawing on their years of experience in the health and wellness industry, they have imbued their sci-fi, fantasy comedy novels with enlightening insights into self-acceptance and positive manifestation. The result is a perfect blend of humor, self-help and science fiction that has won over avid readers in categories as diverse as Comedy, Science Fiction and Humor in Self-Help. The husband-and-wife duo boasts an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Jeffrey and Mindy have been building communities, connecting people and helping build brands for over two decades. They revolutionized the health and wellness industry by launching the natural bodybuilding and fitness modeling industry in Canada, which later spread worldwide. Today, as authors, Jeffrey and Mindy have combined their love of wellness, spirituality, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness with their talent for storytelling, offering a unique reading experience that leaves readers both entertained and enlightened, and the Ridiculous series is precisely a testament to their commitment to encouraging self-discovery, self-love, and personal development in a way that is fun, engaging, and different from traditional methods.