by Scott Overton

A woman’s bloodstream has been seeded with death. An American president must betray his country or sacrifice a woman he loves. And their only hope lies with a broken man and a desperate gamble.
Curran Hunter almost died at the bottom of the ocean. Now an innocent victim will die unless Hunter can purge her body of deadly devices by piloting the Primus, a prototype submersible the size of a virus. Its control system uses Virtual Reality—its creators assure Hunter there can be no danger.
They are utterly wrong. Hunter’s every belief will be tested, his very sanity on the line for a woman he doesn’t know. And to save her life will require the deepest violation of all.
Ride the currents of the inner ocean in a race against time in The Primus Labyrinth!


“When are you going to tell me what this is all about?” Hunter asked Kierkegaard over the hiss of the airplane’s ventilation system. The older man gave an indulgent smile and leaned forward, though there was no one who could possibly listen in.

“What do you know about nanotechnology?”

“Small. Very small.”

“Indeed. That submersible you took for a joyride is about the size of a virus. The ‘canyon’ you explored is an especially-etched silicon wafer—the kind used for computer chips. The tower you saw is a microfiber filament suspended in the fluid.”

“You’re not serious.”

“That’s what the appropriations committee said when I told them how much it would cost to develop.”

Hunter’s mind reeled. Yet all he could ask was, “Why? What possible use could there be for something that size in the ocean?”


“You’re thinking in the wrong terms. The universe is full of fluid environments. Including what we think of as the inner ocean.”

The light dawned. “You mean inside the human body? In the bloodstream? Is that what you hired me for? To explore the bloodstream?”

Kierkegaard’s face clouded “When I first selected you, that’s exactly what it would have been. Now . . . something has happened. A national emergency, in fact. Our mission has suddenly become a matter of life and death.”

Reviews:Reedsy Discovery wrote:

"Loved it! Science fiction blends with political thriller in this fast-paced novel about molecular level terrorism. I give this book an enthusiastic four stars for its political intrigue, discussion of moral dilemmas, exciting action scenes, and fully fleshed characters…. Fans of Dan Brown's more science fiction heavy works will love this book."

Dave Wickenden, author of Deadly Harvest wrote:

"Mind-bending! The story uses tomorrow’s technology to tell a fast-paced, suspenseful tale of hope and betrayal. There are mysteries within mysteries which keeps the pace and the pages flying. Fans of Michael Crichton will rejoice, because Mr. Overton has filled the void."

About the Author

With a long career as a radio morning show host, Scott’s first novel, the mystery/thriller Dead Air was set in the radio world (and shortlisted for a Northern Lit Award in Ontario, Canada). Since then he has taken the reader to even stranger places, including the human bloodstream in his SF novel debut The Primus Labyrinth, a science fiction thriller that reviews compare to Michael Crichton and Dan Brown. Scott’s short fiction has been published in many science fiction magazines and anthologies.
Scott’s distractions from writing include scuba diving, music, and collector cars. He lives with his wife on a private island in Northern Ontario.