Advice for the New Mom from an Experienced Lactation Consultant

by Jennifer Harris

Book Cover: The No-B.S. Guide to Breastfeeding
ISBN: 978-0-2288-4644-4

This book is a comprehensive review of the common concerns parents face when they are breastfeeding their child. It covers both normal expectations of the breastfeeding experience and practical considerations. Topics such as leaking, latching and weaning are discussed and specific concerns such as prematurity, medications, the compromised infant and diabetes in pregnancy are addressed. Consider this a mom's go-to guide for breastfeeding help.

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

The first two hours after birth is the most critical window for the baby to latch, they are especially receptive to nursing at this time. The sooner the baby gets some colostrum, the sooner the baby will get the nutrients to stabilize their blood sugar. The sooner the baby has a bowel movement, the less chance the infant has of developing jaundice that requires treatment.

Reviews:Carolynm, Amazon Review wrote:

"Absolute must buy book for new parents. This book is excellent-easy to read-evidence based-written by an empathetic knowledgeable expert. Love the pictures."

About the Author

I am a recently retired nurse that spent thirty five years working in the maternal/child field as a lactation consultant. I have just wrote my first book, The No-B.S Guide to Breastfeeding: Advice for the new Mom from an Experienced Lactation Consultant. I am happily married and live with my husband and our dog Cin-a-bun. My hobbies include, reading, writing, gardening, antique collecting and classic cars. I am working on my second book which deals with the loss of a child. I want to write "books that matter".