A Year with a Standard Poodle

by Doug Jordan

Book Cover: The Maxim Chronicles
ISBN: 9781365200182
ISBN: 9781365200182

A story about a year in the life of a dog and his various families. Maxim was a Standard Poodle who lived for a time in Israel only to return to Ottawa as a 'teenager' and learn to accept a whole new family. A memoir full of humour and information as Max and his family enter the world of conformation shows, and finally becoming a champion, in more ways than one. Clearly narrative therapy, it may also prove therapeutic to the reader as well.


When Marlene got the call from Laurie, and then phoned me at the office to tell me about it, it actually gave me a slight sinking feeling. It reminded me of a line from a moody Beatles' tune, "I heard the news today, oh boy …"

It really wasn't a surprise of course. We'd known from the beginning. The deal was, for Max to be a stud, he had to get his Canadian Championship designation by competing in conformation shows. Laurie had said in July she thought Max's coat might be ready by September; she would take him for a week to get him ready. We hadn't liked the idea of losing our pet, but seeing him compete at dog shows was something we looked forward to. Now that the time was near however, it wasn't so attractive. We'd got quite attached to Maxim and he to us. I was feeling a little separation anxiety I guess. And I worried he might feel betrayed yet again when we left him with the handler. The prospect of losing this dog, even for a week, was now a bit of a bother.

Reviews:Lulu.com Review wrote:

"I loved this book. We have shared our home with Standard Poodles for the last 30 years and was delighted to learn that our girl was Maxim's niece. Doug described Poodle behaviour perfectly. His delightful descriptions made me laugh out loud. I was sorry the book ended. Thank you Doug for such a great read."

Amazon Review wrote:

"Bring Maxim to Life, that is indeed just what the Maxim Chronicles does! For all dog lovers, but particularly those who are fond of Standard Poodles Jordan delivers a page turner. The author draws you into the story so you can't wait for the next adventure. I have been a life-long companion of dogs and once the proud friend of a Standard Poodle, so in my view Jordan brings to light the often eccentric foibles of the Breed, the adventures of keeping up with a show dog and the trials and tribulations of Dog Shows. Any dog lover will relate to the character and uniqueness of Max as the author spins his story. This is a great read for those who understand or would like to understand a life with a celebrity Poodle. This book is a “Best in Show”, a wonderful and enjoyable read, you will not be disappointed!"

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Executive Coach by day; author/writer by night, though these days it's mostly writer day and night with the occasional consulting gig. I have [self-]published seven books so far: the latest about my transition through grief to a renewed sense of purpose [Travels With Myself] following a novel in 2019 about the loss of love [Amitié, A Novel]; three on career and management effectiveness [The Dynamics of Management]; and two memoirs about the family dogs [The Maxim Chronicles and its sequel, The Hallelujah Chorus]. My blog, Travels With Myself II continues with reflections on life, purpose, self-discovery, and writing. A novel about a boy growing up in the 1960s in small town Ontario is in the works. A couple of romances are lurking somewhere too. I am the Principal in my own firm, AFS Consulting, in Ottawa. Canada. I spent the first twenty years of my career in industry in Human Resources Management, and the next twenty in consulting in organization and management effectiveness. In addition to my books and blogs as Doug Jordan, author, I have also written dozens of articles on management, and life. You can investigate these at http://www.afsconsulting.ca/blog/. I have a B.A. in Politics and Economics and an MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston. In all these endeavours I hope to entertain, possibly to educate.