by Elaine Kozak

Book Cover: The Lighthouse
ISBN: 978-0-2288-1055-1
ISBN: 978-0-2288-1054-4
ISBN: 978-0-2288-1056-8

The glory of New Mexico sunshine refracting through the famed Tree of Light window embodies the spirit of the Lighthouse resort, architect Niels Larsen’s final, brilliant creation before his untimely death. Located on the family ranch, the resort offers rest and rejuvenation. One by one, Niels’ descendants return to the sanctuary of the ranch. As the family warily threads itself back together, old conflicts are reignited, deep secrets are revealed, and past traumas are confronted. And with the future of the Lighthouse hanging in the balance, the spirit of its creator must shine through one last time.

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

The warbling of his phone jolted Theo Wilde awake.


He rubbed his eyes. Who else would be answering? “Hi, Mom,” he said.

“Where are you?”

Her question was reasonable as he had planned to spend the night in Santa Fe. “Here, at my place.”

“Oh, good. Could you possibly pick your father up this morning? I have some business at the Lighthouse.”

He glanced at the clock by his bed. Eight forty-three. “Yeah, sure. What time?”

“Around ten-thirty. And if you can, look in at the house when you come for the car.”

“Why? What’s up?”

“It’s Leah.”

He stifled a yawn. “Who’s Leah?”

“Fin’s daughter. Your cousin. She’s come home.”

Reviews:Kirkus Reviews wrote:

“Throughout this novel, Kozak pays particular attention to setting, surrounding her characters with gorgeous mountain scenery and a ranch that’s layered with memories of departed family members. Kozak has crafted warm, inviting, and thoughtful characters here; there’s family bickering, of course, but they mostly speak to one another with fierce intelligence and admirable honesty. Even in dark moments, it’s a pleasure to spend time with them. A peculiar but engrossing family drama, elevated by truly rich characters.”

BlueInk Review wrote:

“The Lighthouse is richly detailed and beautifully told with many layers of history, viewpoints, and mysteries, each revealed and resolved with perfect timing. Kozak is a master of showing the characters’ inner lives and writing richly evocative scenes. The Lighthouse is a well-wrought, multi-generational family saga inhabited by people readers care about. Its tight plot, well-paced narrative, emotionally resonant characters, and rich language make it hard to put down.”

About the Author

Elaine Kozak came to writing after fascinating careers in IT, international trade, and winegrowing. The last experience inspired Elaine’s first book, a vineyard mystery titled Root Causes, which she followed with The Lighthouse, a family-saga set in New Mexico. A question about one of the characters in The Lighthouse intrigued her and to answer it she wrote Rhapsody in a Minor Mode. Elaine lives in Victoria, Canada.