by R. J. Hore

Book Cover: The Housetrap Chronicles - Volume 2
ISBN: 9781771551700

What happens when you dare pass through the warped door of Randolf C. Aloysius, Private Eye? You enter the fantasy world of the Housetrap Chronicles, where anything can happen, and usually does. Here are three stories from Randy’s well-worn case files: Hounds Of Basalt Ville: Bertha’s baby brother is in trouble, and she convinces Randy to help. What are a few man-eating devil hounds and an irate goddess when you are a private eye? Murder In The Rouge Mort: Mayhem and murder follow a dangerous client when she hires Randy to find her missing brother. The Treasure Of The Sarah Madder: Shanghaied by the Committee of Public Safety as part of a dangerous mission to locate a mysterious valuable cargo, P.I. Randy Aloysius finds himself traveling into unexplored country with a crew of amateurs.

Publisher: Champagne Books

The cold rain hit the office window like pellets from a scatter gun, gouging streaks in last summer’s grime and threatening to work its chill way through ancient cracks in the wooden frame. My distorted reflection stared back at me, gaunt and empty as my pocketbook. Down on the street below, barely visible through the downpour, the gaslights flickered on. Traffic crawled, horse-drawn and steam, splashing any pedestrians foolish enough to still linger. My stomach complained. The hour was late, and so was Bertha.


I glanced at her weathered desk squatting in the outer office. The impressive gilded sign, Bertha Wildwater, Executive Assistant, had been a half-hearted attempt to sooth her in some small way for the six months’ back pay I still owed. Big Briemaster couldn’t pay for that job a month ago when I recovered his precious axe from Fat Bob, the big gnome down at the High Dive, but he could carve wood and pour metal. Amazing what a devious dwarf can create in lieu of coughing up back-due coin he owes me. Her desk sat empty. I should be home by the fire, or better yet, huddled in the Bear and Gill, clutching a thick hot chocolate and whip cream and smelling a bubbling stew from the back kitchen.

Reviews:M/J. Britt, Amazon wrote:

"I seriously enjoyed this quirky take on gumshoe mysteries by switching the characters into paranormal creatures. Randolph C. Aloysius - Private Investigator is a hybrid creature never fully described. He describes himself, “I’m a real bad wolf in Shepherd’s clothing.” I love the interactions between him and his Executive Assistant, Bertha Wildwater, a Banshee. Very unique characters, fun mystery. Great read!"
— 5 Stars

About the Author

Raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Ronald J. Hore spent forty-six years travelling the country with the financial services industry. He ended up in Winnipeg in 1980 where, with his long-time interest in writing, he joined Canadian Authors Association and was a member of the 1996 CAA 75th Conference Committee. In 2006 he won first place in a CAA national short story contest with a romantic ghost story, Midnight. In 2010 his short story Chrysalis was included in the anthology Evolve. He followed this up co-authoring Rotary Club of Winnipeg, 100 Years of Service. Since then, writing as R.J. Hore, he has had fifteen novels and ten novellas published. He continues to be active in Canadian Authors.