by Doug Jordan

Book Cover: The Hallelujah Chorus
ISBN: 9781387086610

Hallelujah is a white Standard Poodle who came to live with the Jordans to keep her autistic uncle, Max, company. Follow Halle to 'The Show' and then her own litter of puppies, and finally to the Show again with daughter Bonnie. But if you think this book is only about poodles you will have another think coming.


A nine-week old puppy, torn away from her litter mates and her mother, shouldn't have to sleep in a crate, in a strange kitchen, all alone, on her first night. Of course not. She would sleep in Marlene's bedroom. We had two crates for her – one in the kitchen, convenient for daytime monitoring and house training; and one in Marlene's bedroom, snugged up against the dresser, with a nice cozy flannelette sheet draped over, for darkness and comfort – a domesticated den.

(You might be wondering where the master of the house slept. Well Max already had his mattress in one corner in Marlene's bedroom and though he was mighty curious about the new crate, he wasn't about to move into it, or move out of Marlene's room.


(Oh, you meant me, the master storyteller! Well one thing I had learned after thirty-five years of marriage is that compromise and accommodation is what makes it last . I snore: I sleep in a separate bedroom. The ‘Master Bedroom’ is now a quaint anachronism. Marital longevity may rely on separate sleeping arrangements more than is generally admitted. It’s a practical matter – better a good night’s sleep and civility in the morning than clinging to the myth of the marriage bed. I suppose the only recurring question is why it was the ‘master’ who had to leave the Master Bedroom.)

Reviews:Goodreads Review wrote:

"I had to sit quietly with my thoughts prior to writing this review. The Hallelujah Chorus, while informative on a lot of topics besides Poodles, left me with a deeper appreciation for the written word. Author, Doug Jordan, invites you on a journey with him to such an extent, the reader feels that they too are in the story. So well done are the descriptive passages of what the “The Chorus” of characters are like and get up to, you feel you are living the moments and years alongside Mr. Jordan and his family. Moments of joy and sadness, awe, humour and lastly, love. Because if there is one undercurrent of themes in this novel it is that of love. Love of family, friends and of course, love for those dogs. This is not a novel solely for Poodle lovers, or even dog lovers. No, it is a novel with heart. And all of us could benefit from stories like these. A solid 5 stars."

About the Author

Executive Coach by day; author/writer by night, though these days it's mostly writer day and night with the occasional consulting gig. I have [self-]published seven books so far: the latest about my transition through grief to a renewed sense of purpose [Travels With Myself] following a novel in 2019 about the loss of love [Amitié, A Novel]; three on career and management effectiveness [The Dynamics of Management]; and two memoirs about the family dogs [The Maxim Chronicles and its sequel, The Hallelujah Chorus]. My blog, Travels With Myself II continues with reflections on life, purpose, self-discovery, and writing. A novel about a boy growing up in the 1960s in small town Ontario is in the works. A couple of romances are lurking somewhere too. I am the Principal in my own firm, AFS Consulting, in Ottawa. Canada. I spent the first twenty years of my career in industry in Human Resources Management, and the next twenty in consulting in organization and management effectiveness. In addition to my books and blogs as Doug Jordan, author, I have also written dozens of articles on management, and life. You can investigate these at I have a B.A. in Politics and Economics and an MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston. In all these endeavours I hope to entertain, possibly to educate.