A Slide in Time

by Stephen H. Garrity

Book Cover: The Grandfather Paradox - I
ISBN: 978-0-9952315-6-6

Rescuing a mysterious ship in distress, Tom Trasler’s yacht is commandeered by its military crew so they can continue with their ultra-secret mission to the past. Caught inside a temporal vortex, Tom is separated from his wife and friends while he and the soldiers are hurled into the year 1848. Rescued by a Swedish emigrant ship destined for America, the soldiers coerce Tom to participate in atrocities against the passengers and crew. Billeted with Alvina-Kristina’s family, Tom and Alvina forge a risqué relationship. When her husband and child die from typhus, Tom becomes Alvina’s only means of escaping the harsh life she faces, which would doom Tom’s chances of returning to the present time. When the soldiers put the entire ship at risk, Tom Trasler must decide to either obey the military or follow his conscience and forfeit any chance of ever getting home. But Tom has a friend on the other side—Jennifer Burke and her team of students have independently discovered the naturally occurring wormholes. Jennifer has made it her quest to bring Tom back home, but to do so, her group must complete their research while eluding the U.S. military who is determined to terminate their activities no matter the cost.


April 28, 1848

Alvina-Kristina Gabrielsson was the devoted wife of a humble farmer and a new mother. So how could this twenty-three-year-old Swedish emigrant possibly know that crying from homesickness would set into motion a series of events that would forever change the destiny of all humankind?

Of course, she couldn’t. But fate was poised to guide her to fame and notoriety and lead her to oppose forces intent on destroying the historical timeline for another reality too dark to fathom. And it all started when she stepped out of the steerage onto the ship’s main deck and greeted the chilly gloom of the predawn.


The waves, wide and deep, rocked the deck as Alvina-Kristina stumbled to the starboard bulwarks. She clung to the ratlines, huddling within her white shawl to fend off the cold while her golden braids flapped angrily in the brisk wind. High above, tiers of canvas belled against the velvet of the awakening sky. The crescent moon and the morning star waltzed above the dawning sea.

The ship’s three decks confined Alvina-Kristina’s world to nine short steps from port to starboard, forty-five bow to stern. Standing on the main deck, Alvina-Kristina’s eyes, wide and blue, glazed with fresh tears. Her husband had taken her away from her home in Sweden and dragged her out to sea with the promise of a better life in America.


About the Author

Born and raised in Montreal, Stephen H. Garrity’s passion has always been storytelling. Having studied film production at Concordia University, Steve’s novels possess a cinematic sensibility that positions them perfectly for television and film adaptation. A diverse writer, Steve’s stories range from romantic thrillers, action adventures, to science fiction. Steve, an avid space, history, and military enthusiast, applies a respectful scientific and historical basis as an integral foundation for his storytelling. Steve recently completed an epic, four-volume time travel series entitled: "The Grandfather Paradox". His other notable works are “Sweet Obsession”, a romantic thriller, and “The Survivors of Flight 186”, a science fiction novel. Steve currently resides in Ottawa with his wife of over 42 years, Colette.