by Suzanne Craig-Whytock

Book Cover: The Dome
ISBN: 978-1-77231-101-3
ISBN: 978-1-77231-101-3

It's the year 2135, almost four decades since the Water Wars ended. Much of the continent is a desert wasteland, and the powerful Consortium rules Adanac, one of the few habitable areas remaining, with an iron fist.

Cee and Dee, 16-year-old twins who share a special, almost psychic bond, are runaways from a Consortium workhouse. Now living as Freeworlders in the largest tent city in Trillium province, they're determined to survive—Dee spends her days thieving with her best friend Rogan, and Cee makes a living selling his handmade woodcarvings to the Fancies, the wealthy elite. Like all Freeworlders, life is a struggle, made worse by the constant threat of The Dome, where punishments for the slightest offense are meted out by the Dome Master.

When devastating circumstances force the twins to become separated, all seems lost until the sudden appearance of Darv Bouchard, leader of an underground resistance movement, who reveals some shocking truths. Rumours become reality, enemies become friends, and old foes resurface. Dee and Cee are tested to their limits as they confront the demons of their past and try to save the future, for themselves and all of Adanac.

Publisher: Bookland Press

I peered into the gloom. It was almost impossible to see anything in the dark, so I started to feel my way around the edges of the room, calling out “Dee” very softly. Then I almost tripped as my foot hit something solid lying on the ground. It was her. I fell to my knees, crying and stroking her hair. My hand came away feeling sticky and wet. Panicked, I reached out again in my head to her, and a faint sense of confusion and pain came back to me. She was alive! I started to shake her and call her name, louder than before. I could feel her stir, coming awake in my mind. She groaned.

“Dee, it’s me. Wake up. I need to get you out of here.” I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but she wasn’t staying in the Shed a minute longer. I half picked her up—she was like a dead weight at first, then she braced her knees and sagged against me. “You have to try to move your feet, Dee. I’ll hold you up.”


She groaned again, but shuffled forward, leaning on me, until we made our way back to the compound. When we got inside, Melissa was waiting. I felt a wave of fear, but she said, “I figured if you were willing to clean Jerome’s toilet for a month just to get the door open, what would you do for me if I helped patch her up?”


About the Author

Award-winning writer Suzanne Craig-Whytock found her love of literature and writing at an early age. Her passion for the written word continued into adulthood, leading her to earn an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. She has worked in education most of her life, and was a high school English teacher in Ontario, Canada for over 20 years. She has authored three novels, as well as a short story collection, and has had numerous pieces of short fiction and poetry appear in literary journals. She regularly publishes humorous essays focused on life’s absurdities, current events, and popular culture on her own website.