by Maureen Young

Book Cover: Sunny and the Border Patrol Companion Coloring Book
ISBN: 978-1-03-918438-1
ISBN: 978-1-03-918438-1
ISBN: 978-1-03-918438-1

Immerse yourself once again in the wonderful world of the Eastside Warren with Sunny, Arty, Marcus One-Ear, Samuel Strongtooth and more. The Eastside Warren is a fairly typical warren, except for one thing... the hares live right in the heart of a Small-Ear (human) city. Featuring quotes from Sunny and the Border Patrol, color all your favourite characters and learn interesting facts about our urban wildlife.

Publisher: Friesen Press

Did you know.

The most common rabbit in the city is not a rabbit? It’s a hare…a White Tailed Jackrabbit Hare or Prairie Hare.

You can tell the difference between a hare and a rabbit easily. The hare will have long, black tipped ears, very strong hind legs and it will turn white in the winter. A rabbit, commonly a Cottontail, will have smaller hind legs, shorter ears and do not turn white in winter.

Baby hares are called leverets. They are born with fur, open eyes and are ready to move around within hours of birth.

Baby rabbits, known as kittens or bunnies, are blind and naked at birth.

A group of hare or rabbit babies are called a fluffle.

Predators include hawks, owls, eagles, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, weasels.

Urban hares and rabbits have additional predators…dogs, vehicles and humans.

Reviews:Clarion Review wrote:

"This coloring-book companion to Maureen Young’s novel Sunny and the Border Patrol Companion Coloring Book features expressive illustrations and an invitation to join the tale. The book is filled with black-and-white line drawings and captions that quote from the story that inspired them. Though it does not function as a standalone text, its images make the focal characters’ emotions clear nonetheless, helping to convey a sense of each animal’s personality and role in the story. Sunny, a hare, is seen holding a strong, upright posture, with a firm facial expression that suggests capability and being up to all challenges. The captions also impart bits of context: names like Marcus One-Ear and Samuel Strongtooth are evocative; humans are called “small-ears,” distinguishing them from the hares. Touches of whimsy and humor arise, as do indications of a darker side to the story..."

About the Author

Author M. Young has combined her love of the natural world with her love of youth fiction to create this debut novel for young readers. Now residing in Creston, BC, Canada she spends her spare time golfing, writing, and practicing the violin.