by Kamal Parmar

This slender volume is a Poetic Memoir of the sorrows and stress of a loving daughter watching a close family member in the throes of the dreaded "disease of the decades", Alzheimer's Disease, and how optimism and hope are the only tools to fight back.


You walk a fine line.

You walk a fine line.

Settling in the soft light of the living room,

your brow wrinkles, as you discuss Pluto and Goethe.

Other times, you ask me—“ How do you spell your last name?”

I am totally speechless and confused.

I sit still, the room is cold and bare,

the silence bites.

Mother dear, what has come over you?

Your musical laughter and your warm hugs,

all gone.

What has come over you?

You were a academician once, delivering keynote speeches,

today, you sit alone in your narrowed dark world,

wrapped in yourself.

You hear voices calling,

you say it is winter, when it is Spring.

Winter’s long gone and buds are sprouting—

Yet for you—Spring is a mere hallucination.

Reviews:Jacqueline Carmichael, author of Heard Amid the Guns: True Stories from the Western Front, 1914-1918, and My Read-Aloud Tales of Social Distancing wrote:

“The world is a song unheard by you. You are here, but not here, lost in the labyrinths of your mind, where electric sparks are mere diffused messages flashing through eclectic jargon.
In a slender and tender volume, poet Kamal Parmar brings to twilight life a mother/daughter struggle with encroaching Alzheimer’s. A vital memoir in verse, Still Waters is sensitive, touching, honest, even gritty, a compelling read that asks the question: Who am I? “Am I a young girl in ponytails with stars in her eyes? Or am I an old decrepit woman with a furrowed face and a doddering gait? And yet, I cry like a baby.” A luminous book, it’s a tuning fork for families coping with Alzheimer’s and the accompanying emotional wasteland. Lovely work."

Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster BC Canada wrote:

'As the reader travels through these sometimes introspective and sometimes misty poems, they will find some lines, phrasings and passages that mirror their own journey through smiles and tears, love, sorrow and ultimately life."

About the Author

Nanaimo poet and writer, Kamal Parmar has been passionately involved in writing since the last 20 years. Her genre is poetry and she has a few books, both poetry and creative non-fiction,to her credit. She has a number of poetry publications in reputed Canadian literary journals and magazines. She is a member of a several writers’ organizations and Writers Guilds and is also a manuscript evaluator in one of them. She is currently, an active Board member of the Federation of BC Writers, and was also Secretary of The Ontario Poetry Society, while in Ontario and has also given poetry readings in various libraries, in ON, SK and in BC. She is also a member of The Writers Union of Canada, the Canadian Authors Association as well as of Haiku Canada. She is an Associate member of the League of Canadian Poets. She is the current Poet Laureate of the City of Nanaimo.