by Diana Chan-Salitter

Book Cover: Spirit Eye
ISBN: 9798547428746
ISBN: 9798547428746

Have you ever felt an unknown presence but do not see anyone? It is mysterious. You swear someone is here. You can feel it in your bones. This is a true story about a woman with a unique gift, Leona Santos (fictional name) hears, sees, and feels souls and spirits. She is a spiritual soldier who has to pray consistently to stand firm and strong to help wandering souls who cannot move forward and to cast out evil spirits pestering living beings.


It was many years ago when this happened. At 8 pm, it was already dark outside. Our living room windows were open, bringing in a light breeze of wind into the room. It was summer, and I wondered why I felt that the wind was a bit chilly. I could hear the soft rustle of the leaves in our front yard. The mango tree had hanging fruits that could have fallen to the ground, which we would pick up in the morning. The tall, reddish, Narra trees swayed, and their green, ovate leaves fluttered in the direction of the wind.

That evening we had already fed our three-month-old baby girl, our second child. Everything was ready for her to go to bed. She kept whimpering and crying until it was already 9 pm. Then this progressed to shouting. She spat it out.

About the Author

Diana graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines. She received a Master’s Degree from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Diana was Vice President at Philippine Banking Corp, then moved to become First Vice President at the Union Bank of the Philippines. For two years she was a private banker for American Express Bank Ltd. before immigrating to Canada with her family of seven. Diana published a family book, The Lumpia Reunion, covering four generations of her family from 1850 to current descendants of the Chan patriarch. She contributed to “The Kawartha Imagination Project, a CAA Peterborough Anthology published in 2016.