by Mony Shohayeb

Book Cover: Smoke and Butterflies
ISBN: 978-1-7775183-5-6

This book is about life, love, pain and healing.

The contradictions, the synergy; all that shake us, shape us, break us and build us again.

Publisher: Good Bee Press

A compilation of poetry and prose, this book is dedicated to all the butterflies who were able to survive the smoke and to all those making their way through it.

I would like to thank the smoke that dwells both within and around the butterfly, for wings do not only flutter when rainbows are in sight.

About the Author

Mony Shohayeb is a published writer, copywriter and marketing professional from Ontario, Canada. She has an MBA and a Masters in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. Mony is a writer, blogger and the author of two published books, one of which, The Life Jackets, a compilation of motivational/inspirational short stories, was taken as part of instruction material at Mohawk College, Canada. She is the Founder and Coordinator for the Canadian Author Association’s Hamilton branch, and has been featured in various publications and TV stations. She has experience in conducting writing, self-expression and creativity workshops and literary events at McMaster University, Mohawk College, YWCA and Immigrant Women Center. Mony performs spoken word and continuously contributes to cultural events and open mic nights. Mony currently works as a Marketing Communications Manager in the high-tech medical devices market. She has worked both on the brand and agency sides of the business. Mony sits on the advisory board of The Emirates College of Technology. Mony has lived/worked in Ontario, Los Angeles, London, Cairo, Dubai and various cities in The Middle East. She loves hummus, chicken wings, and cheeseburgers equally.