by Yogi

Book Cover: SAP S/4 HANA - Transition from ECC Configurations & Transactions
ISBN: 978-1-7751721-4-7

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How to self educate yourself and have a very lucrative career on the most popular ERP in the world. A software that most large and medium companies use to run their day to day business.

Publisher: Innovapte

This manual, written with the objective of providing detailed training to both, consultants and users goes deep into the subject from initial configurations to setting up the Income Statement and Balance Sheet of the company. The book was originally written on ECC 6.0 a few years ago and recently completely re-written on S/4 HANA, the latest HANA version at the time of writing. During the re-writing of the book, various changes and differences were observed between ECC and HANA which have been documented all along in the book. Thus, apart from being a first book for users in HANA, it is also a transitionary book for consultants and users who have worked on ECC and need to understand what has changed to prepare them for the HANA world. These differences have been recorded wherever they are applicable and they exist in many sections of the book. They have been explicitly shown as HANA CHANGE in both, configurations and transactions.


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About the Author

Yogi Kalra, MBA, University of Toronto has over 25 years of experience in SAP plus over 8 years of experience in Business. He is an author of several books on various areas in SAP. He also teaches various SAP courses and integrates actual work scenarios with SAP training to provide a real world understanding of SAP hands on. He has worked with Big 4 consulting and multiple blue chip companies on multiple projects across the continent and Europe. He heads an SAP consulting partner company INNOVAPTE based out of GTA which also develops it's own products that work in the SAP eco system.