by Nigel Scotchmer

Book Cover: Rootless
ISBN: 978-1-7380953-1-5
ISBN: 978-1-7380953-1-5
ISBN: 978-1-7380953-1-5

An intelligent and pretty girl makes a number of choices which ensures she has a more difficult life than she otherwise would have had, had she chosen the more common path.


...our disparate longings with the contradictions of work, duty, and love. He sees both the frenzied panic of our fleeting lives and that eternal stillness around us – the harvest, the slow-wheeling hawk high above, and the wind-blown marsh reeds – and offers us a path with a view of Home. The journey can be long and hard, with detours and dead ends, and the destination may be unknown and even unrecognized when found. But we all hear the calling.

About the Author

An author preoccupied with the role that irony plays in our lives. We have such big dreams, and end up, so soon, with so little. If we leave a mark at all, it is one that was not the one we intended.