The Polish Trail

by Diana Chan-Salitter

Book Cover: Resolute Sally
ISBN: 9798362889173
ISBN: 9798362889173

This book is a sequel to The Search for Sally. The protagonist, Sally, is an orphan at 12 years old. In the first book, Sally reunites with her Aunt Elena (Her Mother's sister), who traveled from the Philippines to Canada to search for her. In this sequel, Sally asks for her Aunt Elena's support to seek her father's roots in Poland.


She could smell the stench of stale beer enveloping the small, dark bedroom. Slivers of moonlight and starlight flitted through the thin white curtains covering the square window, casting strange and frightening shadows on the walls. Sally lay on her bed squirming, lifting her lean body, then plopping down, unable to bear the heavy weight on her.

About the Author

Diana graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines. She received a Master’s Degree from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Diana was Vice President at Philippine Banking Corp, then moved to become First Vice President at the Union Bank of the Philippines. For two years she was a private banker for American Express Bank Ltd. before immigrating to Canada with her family of seven. Diana published a family book, The Lumpia Reunion, covering four generations of her family from 1850 to current descendants of the Chan patriarch. She contributed to “The Kawartha Imagination Project, a CAA Peterborough Anthology published in 2016.