Book Cover: Morning Light
ISBN: 978-1412031257

Morning Light is an insightful collection of 121 poems containing uplifting messages on: Inner Power, Positive Changes, Goals, Healing and Love, which inspire readers to stay in touch with their souls.



Good ideas create new goals,
Which formulate within our souls.
A good idea has all it needs
It's up to us to sow the seeds.

Pay attention to how they grow
Using knowledge you have, to show
How to proceed, what you must do
To reach this goal, unique to you.

Apply some faith, then add some trust,
Keep plans active - that is a must.
Nourish each goal in your own way,
You will achieve your goal one day.

Reviews:Bob Trask, wrote:

“It is a rare poet who shows us how simple things; tears, laughter, and sunsets teach us, heal us and bring us everyday joy. Yet the easy rhythm of Jean Kay’s verse does just that, coaxing treasured memories out from my mind-attic and polishing them so I may remember how thrilling it is to be alive. We each need two copies of Morning Light, One for us and one for our dearest friend.”

Denis S.J. Shackel, PH.D, President of Unlocking of Talents wrote:

“Here is a collection of especially insightful poems to inspire and lift the reader to positive, healing thoughts that invariably lead to gratefulness, joy, compassion, and unity with our Creator. A treasury to keep within reach.”