by Arwinder Kaur

Book Cover: Living While Human
ISBN: 9780228851325
ISBN: 9780228851325
ISBN: 9780228851325

How do we as humans navigate our lives in the complex world we have created? With the high speed in which we are bombarded with images, messages and conflicting ideas, how do we figure out how to live in the world without destroying it and ourselves? Why are we the only species that seems to be struggling to live truly healthy lives?

Masses of us are suffering with feelings of loneliness and emptiness, killing ourselves and each other despite our sense of superiority over all other species. What makes us live the way we do? How do we live better lives with a deeper connection to ourselves, others and the Earth? The answers are not locked away in a secret vault. In fact, they are much closer and simpler than you might realize, but need to know.

Publisher: Tellwell Talent


Inexplicably, before this moment, I had never rightfully grieved for the suffering and destruction we cause to the planet every single day. I felt extreme sadness and justifiable outrage, but like most other people, it was repressed. I am not embarrassed to admit the overwhelming emotions I felt as hot tears ran uncontrolled down my face. It felt good and right that the floodgates had opened as if a huge bandage had been ripped off my soul, finally exposing my deepest self to feel the pain in a most profound way. That pain I was feeling for the first time was the pain and suffering we were inflicting on every species on the planet. It repulsed me to think of it.

Reviews:Barnes and Noble Review wrote:

4 out of 5 stars
"A month ago
A lifetime of wisdoms."

Amazon Canada Review (October 22, 2021) wrote:

5 out of 5 stars
"Great gift idea for book lovers. Must read for young and old and those concerned about the planet and next generation. Forceful and powerful. Highly recommend it."

About the Author

I immigrated from India with my family at age four. These early years were filled with challenges trying to balance living in two cultures that were fundamentally opposed to each other. Tradition vs. Individuality. A two year global journey as a teenager not only bridged the cultural divide, it also gave me the most important education and experiences of my life. It changed me forever in a meaningful way. The next life changing experience came from reading Ishmael, a novel by Daniel Quinn in 1994. Once again I was changed, no longer the person I had been. It shook me to my core and propelled me into social and ecological activism. I never envisioned writing a non fiction, or any book for that matter. However the ecological crisis we face is so critical and time is of the greatest essence that I felt compelled to do something in the hopes that my words may change others to care enough to get more involved in the global threat we face. After all, words in a book caused me to become such a person. So why not try. This resulted in me publishing my first book Living While Human in September 2021.